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It's funny

It is funny to write using my iPod. Yes, yes, I have an iPod. It is an Apple iPod. Okay... I'll stop bragging now and tell you a reason why on earth had I disappeared. School work, of course! Last term, I had received the lowest marks imaginable. I was horrified to see those marks. For my Math test, I got the worst number. I literally cried when I saw the number. Afterwards, I worked out a TimeTable to study and I am very proud to boast that the TT is
I know no one's really going to see my posts, but it is a free world and a kid's words are not going to start World War Three

Welcome To Eerie Fairy's Domain

Hello there, welcome to my new blog, This blog will be updated much more quickly than my previous blog (I'll update it occasionally). This blog is a place that I'll write about my daily life and what I think about the stuff that's going 'round.
Anyway, so this is my first post. Like I said in my old blog, making a good base is very important! This 'base' withstands all the other stuff put above it.
So here's my new base. Hope you lot appreciate it.
Eerie Fairy