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Unreal Man They think they are so brave,  Attention is all what they crave; They think they are so superior,  And a female is completely inferior;
Stupid, wild animal,  You aren't a man but an attention seeking cannibal;  You are a crazy, old nincompoop,  Who makes a lovely flower droop; 
You are only surviving, Because of the wicked, reviving,  Immensely satisfying pleasure;  This arrogance is way beyond measure! 
It;s a female who gave you birth,  Into this enchanting earth;  It's a female who fends your hunger,  And how you dare to torture her, you monger; 
Your sister is a female too,  Oh, crazy cannibal, you should be locked into a zoo,  For display of those bullheads, Who torture females just for pleasure; 
But this exploitation won't last long,  What you're doing is completely wrong;  You WILL pay every last cent,  Of all the crimes you've committed,  Oh, you unreal man! You're so going to pay. 
Equality means every person - irrespective of caste, gender, race, colour - has a ri…

Tenth Grade

Isn't it weird that I have been completely out of touch?
No, it isn't.
I have a valid excuse, though: I have been horribly busy. My tenth grade just started and it's very stressing. As soon as I arrive home, I barely have time to even sit down. I have got a lot of homework and I really have a lot to study. Soon afterward, I have to go to my tuition classes. Then, I come back around at 9, completely and utterly exhausted.
Now, I am about to go to my tuition in about fifteen minutes.
I'm so tired, now-a-days.

On Acting And Not Acting Mature

Everyone says that - act a bit more mature.
But do I want to be mature?
I do not think so.
Acting like you're someone dignified, someone big - that is not my cup of tea. I think I'd prefer to be a bit more childish. Acting like a child makes you think more brightly towards sober aspects of life - you know, you it makes you a lot more optimistic and confident. Most adults say that they like playing kids. But I say that I like playing WITH kids. I don't know why people often open their mouth so wide to let even an elephant in, whenever they see someone act sophisticated. Even I am awed by such people but I don't think I will ever be like them. Nah, it's not a loser's spirit. It's just that I like being a kid. I don't want to act like I am an old granny who has her chin lifted up as though she smelt dung. Really. I am enjoying my childhood. I love being a kid. I don't want to BE mature. Not one bit.
Okay... don't go around thinking that I hate …

Da Da Da... Daaa! Da Da Da...Daaa!

Try to say the title in a theatrical way. You'll get it.
You must be wondering where I was. I was studying for my exams. The Exams went pretty well. Science was fairly well as always. Hindi was very easy. Maths was... okay. English was fabulous and Social Studies was great.
Now welcome back!
Well... that kinda reminds me of Shin Chan. Those who don't know Shin Chan... well, he is a manga character who is very disobedient to his elders and very, very crazy. Most parents say that Shin Chan is not a good influence for children. I agree to that, but some of his lines like 'Mom! Welcome back!' when he comes back home do tickle you.
Anyway, now that I have finished my finals, I have a lot of free time. So what should I do...?
First and foremost, I am going to read a lot of novels. I am still stuck with Percy Jackson's Battle Of Labyrinth. I'll finish that and move onto the Last Olympian. I will read the Heroes Of Olympus. Maybe I'll take up The Secret Garden. I f…

Silver Bird

An old poem. Thought I'd better blog it!

The Silver Bird I was sitting on my balcony, Feeding Ruby, my bunny; I heard a voice I wanted to explore it. As I had no choice I went to the forest like garden, She was there by the birdbath. Singing a sweet song About what’s right and wrong She was the Silver Bird I went to grab her, But instantly, she flew. Her color was matching the sky’s hue. This was grey! She flew so fast that before blinking… She was gone. I still don’t know where she is. Yet, I hear her sweet song, About what is right and wrong. She truly was the Silver Bird!

A Cinderella Story

Okay, so this is my second post in a few hours. I couldn't resist posting this.
Today was a holiday in our school, so I was at home. I flicked through the newspaper, trying to find scoop on what movie will be on today so that I could do my homework alongside as I watched the movie. I saw that 'A Cinderella Story' was there in HBO, so I switched it on at 12. I'd seen the movie once before and I loved it - I didn't care whatever insane things the critics had written about it. I just loved it because it teaches a lot of fundamental things and at the same time, is very funny.
So, I started watching the movie from the very beginning. It starts with a nine-year-old girl called Samantha Montgomery (Played by Hilary Duff - one of my favourite actresses) who says that her life has everything - what did she need a wish for? When things changed drastically. Her widowed father remarried this annoying woman, Fiona (Portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge)  who had two twin daughters fro…

January Ends

A month ago, it was a different year - 2011. 2011 was a year full of make-ups, break-ups, arrival of new things and to me, that year sucked. Majorly. Although, truly speaking, the year's ending was rather fine. I had this amazing Christmas party with my friends and I stayed at my cousin's place (From where, I'd typed my last post.). Now, on the other hand, it is 2012, the year we all might die - the earth might die. An entire month has passed and still, I cannot make out any signs of the world ending. There are no asteroids, major disasters. At least, that's how I think the world might end. To be very frank, I think whoever spread this rumour of the world ending in 2012 is a total idiot who needs spanking with a hairbrush. I mean, really! Even though we humans have been mercilessly exploiting our mother nature, the extent isn't that much as we could fathom. We're still getting oxygen, right? We're still getting water right? We're still getting the sun, …