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Unreal Man They think they are so brave,  Attention is all what they crave; They think they are so superior,  And a female is completely inferior;
Stupid, wild animal,  You aren't a man but an attention seeking cannibal;  You are a crazy, old nincompoop,  Who makes a lovely flower droop; 
You are only surviving, Because of the wicked, reviving,  Immensely satisfying pleasure;  This arrogance is way beyond measure! 
It;s a female who gave you birth,  Into this enchanting earth;  It's a female who fends your hunger,  And how you dare to torture her, you monger; 
Your sister is a female too,  Oh, crazy cannibal, you should be locked into a zoo,  For display of those bullheads, Who torture females just for pleasure; 
But this exploitation won't last long,  What you're doing is completely wrong;  You WILL pay every last cent,  Of all the crimes you've committed,  Oh, you unreal man! You're so going to pay. 
Equality means every person - irrespective of caste, gender, race, colour - has a ri…