Unreal Man 

They think they are so brave, 
Attention is all what they crave;
They think they are so superior, 
And a female is completely inferior;

Stupid, wild animal, 
You aren't a man but an attention seeking cannibal; 
You are a crazy, old nincompoop, 
Who makes a lovely flower droop; 

You are only surviving,
Because of the wicked, reviving, 
Immensely satisfying pleasure; 
This arrogance is way beyond measure! 

It;s a female who gave you birth, 
Into this enchanting earth; 
It's a female who fends your hunger, 
And how you dare to torture her, you monger; 

Your sister is a female too, 
Oh, crazy cannibal, you should be locked into a zoo, 
For display of those bullheads,
Who torture females just for pleasure; 

But this exploitation won't last long, 
What you're doing is completely wrong; 
You WILL pay every last cent, 
Of all the crimes you've committed, 
Oh, you unreal man! You're so going to pay. 

Equality means every person - irrespective of caste, gender, race, colour - has a right to be treated in the same way. That's all in theory. What about practical use of equality? 
In this whole world, the word equality is not enforced into practical use. The worst kind of inequality is gender inequality.
Males think that they're more superior. No, I'm not saying that ALL males are that arrogant. I'm just saying that some males are so... senseless. They think that they're the most powerful creatures living on this earth. And the craziest mindset they have is that women are objects that do your (that is, a man's) bidding and the one you can exploit and assault if they don't do whatever baseless thing you want them to do. 
But this thinking is stupid. It's a sin to even THINK of women in that way. 
I will not call these males men - much less gentlemen, because a gentleman treats a woman with respect and equality. Well, that's my view. And I STRONGLY believe in it. 
 Females deserve equal treatment in all walks of life too. 


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