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Ghost Story

I guess I'm in my storytelling prime right now! :P  Here's a story I wrote for my ninth grade English project. Hope you like it. :) Do comment if there are any errors. Would love your feedback!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acclaimed lawyer, Zacharias Phillips and his equally celebrated orthodontist wife, Anna Phillips’ teenage daughter, Victoria was pretty famous too.  She wasn’t famous because her father served as an excellent lawyer to America’s most controversial cases. Nor was she famous because of her mother who had set the teeth of the children of Hollywood’s A-Lister celebrities. She was famous because she had sung record-breaking songs, tunes of which, people still danced to. Victoria – or Vicky, as she was popularly known as – had started singing since she could talk. She sang in the bathroom, she sang whenever she was lonely, she sang whenever she wanted to. Singing flowed in her blood. Her voice was heavenly. When she sang, …


I've always been fascinated by Rapunzel's tale. I don't know why - is it because of her long hair or because how she tolerated that horrible witch or how her tears healed the prince who saved her? I liked the Disney version best. Unlike most Disney movies, this one seems more connectable with the audience. Also, the hero, Flynn Ryder (is the spelling correct?) is no typical Handsome-And-Hopelessly-Kind Prince.  So then a few days ago, I started thinking about this story and I decided to rewrite it with a modern touch. I must say it has come out pretty well. I'm posting it here so that you can see and comment on my 'storytelling'.

The Two Things I Hate The Most

"It's easy to preach, but it is not easy to do."
~ Someone Who Wishes To Remain Anonymous Every person in this earth thinks that he or she is the best judge. He or she has the right to criticize, he or she can compare two works and comment. It's a free world. You're not hurting anyone except the person whose work you are criticizing and comparing.
Criticism is like a coin with two sides (actually, every coin has two sides. I really don't know why people say that phrase). Some say that criticism is a door to push your limits and excel more than ever. If you are brave enough, mentally strong enough to challenge that critic, you work harder to convey your work in a better, more efficient manner. That is a very good point. Criticism helps you evolve more as a person. After working harder than ever, in the end, you can go up to them and say, "Are you happy now, you sad little twit?"
No, don't say that directly if the critic happens to be someone yo…

Inner Beauty

Isn't it such a common perception that attractiveness and beauty are synonymous to each other?
I don't know why this perception lies. To me, 'attractiveness' is physical appearance while beauty is a magic generated from the depths of one person. Attractiveness is high cheekbones, pointed nose, lovely eyes, full lips, tall stature and perfect weight to suit that height. Any person can have any one of these. To me, attractiveness can be measured. Beauty cannot.
Beauty is not about perfect looks as many (almost all) people tend to think. It's this uncountable thing that comes from every single being surviving on this planet. Attractiveness is just a part of it. If you think a person's beautiful from the inside, automatically, you'll find that he/she is attractive from the outside.
Inner beauty of a person is like a magnetic force. This beauty attracts pulls you towards that person more than exterior looks. It binds you too and this bind is very strong and it …


Here, when one finishes the tenth grade, he or she has to make choices - which field of education to go to. Either you can become a scientist or a doctor or an engineer if you take sciences or you can take commerce to become entrepreneurs, managers, accountants or you can take arts to paint the world with your creativity.
Basically, people here worship those who take sciences, treat those who go for commerce in a normal way and indirectly try to downgrade those who follow their heart and take arts. So one's choices finally help in deciding how people should treat him.
The thing is, I don't say that taking science is a heinous crime. Science is a fascinating field, actually speaking. But the truth is, you have to be passionate about it. Science is not a pathway to goldmine as most of the people here think it is. Just because you happen to use your brain doesn't mean that you have to necessarily use it for the greater good of sciences. You can use it creatively through arts…

My Farewell Poem

I had a farewell in school in tenth grade. I wrote a poem as my speech. Unfortunately, I wasn't called.  Here it is. Hope you like it:

My words might not be emotional,
Nor will they be delusional,
My words are the ones that I want to speak,
From the very depths of my heart;

Ten years ago, I joined this place called school,
I knew no one, I knew nothing,
I was scared that I might be called a complete fool,
I was scared that I might not fit in;

But something miraculous happened,
I made many friends, who were with me when I felt down,
And there were many teachers,
Who were as good as my own parents;

We had loads and loads of fun,
Most times we played hard,
And when exams were approaching, we studied harder
We had taken part in many school events,
Some were successful, while the others weren’t;

When the school started on twenty-sixth of March last year,
I never thought that the fear,
Of leaving this school would come,
I only thought that it was just another year,
With loads of fun, meeting…

Mark Of Athena

I didn't expect that ending.
But let me begin from the beginning.
Mark Of Athena by Rick Riordan is by far the best book in the Heroes Of Olympus series. The Lost Hero was nice enough, The Son Of Neptune was even better, however Mark Of Athena takes the cake.
The book starts when the Greek trireme Argo II reaches Camp Jupiter. The attempts to unite the Greeks and Romans fails when Leo Valdez, the creator of Argo II is possesed by an eidolon. Due to this, Leo destroys most of the New Rome and whatever attempts that had been made by Annabeth Chase and the rest to unite the two sets of demigods fails. Along with Percy Jackson (one of my all-time favourite fictional heroes), Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque, Annabeth, Leo, Piper and Jason embark a journey to Greece to shut the Doors Of Death and prevent the destruction of the world by the evil earth goddess Gaia.
The demigods fight not just through their strength, but through their wisdom as well. Like Perc…