Here, when one finishes the tenth grade, he or she has to make choices - which field of education to go to. Either you can become a scientist or a doctor or an engineer if you take sciences or you can take commerce to become entrepreneurs, managers, accountants or you can take arts to paint the world with your creativity.
Basically, people here worship those who take sciences, treat those who go for commerce in a normal way and indirectly try to downgrade those who follow their heart and take arts. So one's choices finally help in deciding how people should treat him.
The thing is, I don't say that taking science is a heinous crime. Science is a fascinating field, actually speaking. But the truth is, you have to be passionate about it. Science is not a pathway to goldmine as most of the people here think it is. Just because you happen to use your brain doesn't mean that you have to necessarily use it for the greater good of sciences. You can use it creatively through arts. You can use it for managing, organizing, accounting and whatnot.
The saddest thing is, people just don't realize that.
Some people try to force their unfulfilled wishes through those who have reached that stage. I believe, it's morally wrong to do that. The only fairy godmother that you have is you, yourself. You don't have to wait for some idiotic savior to save you at the nick of the time. It's your decision, your choices that make you. It's your choices that define you.

There are so many voices,
Telling me about their choices,
Their words echo in my ear, 
Only intensifying the future's fear;

I'm reaching the top of the mountain called childhood, 
I'm growing up and life, 
Begins its own complications;
People start nagging me, 
Through their loud voices, 
To make my choices;

This or that?
Go to college or stay at school?
Am I really smart or a brainless fool?
Oh God, this is so not cool! 

People urge me to choose, 
"Darling," they say, "What is there to lose?"
Oh God, I don't want to be forced upon!
Oh God, the childhood days are really far gone!" 

There are so many voices, 
Telling me about my choices, 
I don't listen to them, 
Instead, I follow my own voice,
In making my life-changing choice... 


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