The Two Things I Hate The Most

"It's easy to preach, but it is not easy to do."
~ Someone Who Wishes To Remain Anonymous
Every person in this earth thinks that he or she is the best judge. He or she has the right to criticize, he or she can compare two works and comment. It's a free world. You're not hurting anyone except the person whose work you are criticizing and comparing.
Criticism is like a coin with two sides (actually, every coin has two sides. I really don't know why people say that phrase). Some say that criticism is a door to push your limits and excel more than ever. If you are brave enough, mentally strong enough to challenge that critic, you work harder to convey your work in a better, more efficient manner. That is a very good point. Criticism helps you evolve more as a person. After working harder than ever, in the end, you can go up to them and say, "Are you happy now, you sad little twit?"
No, don't say that directly if the critic happens to be someone you're close to. Just be a bit more subtle about it. Like, "Do you like this? I value your opinion very much!"
If the person criticizes, then you have all the liberty to take any thing in the vicinity and hurl at that person.
****** Don't blame this blogger for whatever damage is caused! *******
However, some say that criticism is demoralizing a person's mind and it makes him lose his faith on his talent. You see, most people are not mentally prepared when others begin to criticize their work And when the critics happen to be the ones you love, you feel more sad.
It is easy to criticize. If you don't like a person's handiwork, instead of saying, "It's pretty good. You're growing. However, I'm sure you can do better your already good work, buddy." they say, "Ooh look at that! Isn't that part a bit too scratchy? And this bit is frightful! These criteria make me feel that this whole piece sucks!"
Most of them say such stuff without properly viewing it all. That is what makes criticism all the more disgusting. Also, they just use some criteria to say that they hate your entire stuff.
Look, if you want to criticize, be gentle about it. You can't judge any thing with the minutest flaws. Every thing in the world has flaws. Look at me, for instance. I can write, but not that well. I can sing, but that's only at the bathroom level (not too well, either). I can read, but not faster than the wind. I'm a horrible dancer. I get bad grades at times. I get hurt easily. I can hurt those who hurt me. I can go on crying for hours over the littlest things. I don't do the household work. I'm crazy. Popular girls cringe at my sight (I cringe at them too. But that's not the main thing).
The main thing is, if you are so critical about a person, then why don't you have a good look at yourself? If you think a person's ugly, then take a very good look at yourself. Because you know something? That person may be ugly from the outside, but you are ugly from the inside. If you think a person's Biology diagrams are bad, why don't you take a good look at your diagrams? If -
Ah, you get the drift.
As I was saying, you have to be gentle. Words that one uses are the sharpest knives in this world. They hurt more than any other vicious weapons in existence.
Comparison is also a crime, at least according to me. Every person has his own talents, he or she has his own limits, he or she behaves differently. You can't compare 'A' and '1' and say that 1 is better than A.
There's no better or worse! Every thing is special in it's own way.
Yes, comparison is good for evaluating your position in the society and all, but that's with countries, states and all. You can't compare two people behaviorally. Some might be fun-loving, extra talkative, free spirits while others might be closed, dull, quiet, trapped souls.
That's what I have to say.
I know your views will differ. But that's okay. It's a free world. You're free to air your views.
But you're not free to hurt people with harsh criticism and unfair comparison. Remember that.


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