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Snow White and the Huntsman Review

A year after its release, I saw the movie Snow White and the Huntsman. I was planning to watch it with one of my friends, however we couldn't move further with our plans. Yeah, you could say we had busy lives and of course, this movie wasn't the latest adaption of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson or the Hunger Games which we simply couldn't miss. So yeah, we let it go. Like they say, you can't have everything, can you? However, when it was on TV last night, I didn't skip it like last time. Because A] I was super bored and B] I figured that writing a review for this movie would be interesting enough.

As expected, story's based on the Grimm brothers' fairy tale, only spiced up with amazing visual effects, far more violent dwarfs and a (?) clearer background on the Evil queen and the Huntsman.  It starts off with the queen (Snow White's mother) gazing at a solitary rose blooming in the snow. While trying to pluck the flower, she pricks her finger and thr…

On The Brink

What happened to those days? Days of fun, days of joy, How did they really disappear? Will they ever reappear?
It’s like a car’s taking a nasty turn, It’s like we’re in for a scarring burn; Yet all of us are the ones, who are on the brink, It’s like if we jump off the cliff, We might sink, Deep into the ocean; Or even better, we might soar into the air, Floating towards the sun; We don’t know what’s scarier;
Some of us are forced upon, Some of us aren’t, We don’t know what is more oppressive; Confusion has coiled around us in a web; It’s like if we’re on the brink, It’s like we’re standing at the edge of a cliff, If we fall, we might sink, Into the deep, dark ocean…
This is a tenderer age, Far more delicate than childhood, Passions rise and fall, Just like the temperature; This is the stage of rebel, Or is it the stage to be restrained?
Some are controlled like canaries in a cage, Some are let out like wild crows oh-so-savage;  It’s maddening, You don’t know what to think You don’t know what to say,


Debutantes written by Cora Harrison is one of the best historical fiction books I’ve read. And trust me, I’ve read quite a few books from that genre. It’s dreamy, romantic, glamorous, mysterious and warm all at the same time! I really loved it! 
All right, I was attracted by the cover of this book first. Yeah, yeah, they say that never judge a book by its cover but the gorgeous shade of pink and the girl (It is Daisy, right?) looking at you with those delicate eyes and the summary at the back of the book – they attracted me a lot. 
Slightly reminiscent of Little Women and Pride and Prejudice , this book tells the story of four sisters, mainly focussing on sixteen-year-old Daisy Derrington. There’s Violet, the eldest sister, who wishes to have her coming-out ball and marry a rich ‘elder son’. Next are the twins, Poppy and Daisy. Poppy is a jazz enthusiast while Daisy wants to be a filmmaker. The last, but not the least, is Rose – an aspiring writer who I personally could connect with. 


I have written about maturity before.
However, that post was written about a year ago. My thoughts, emotions were different then. I was less sober, I talked without really processing the words that escaped from my mouth and I got hurt easily.  Now, as I reflect on the word 'maturity', I don't think it is acting like a grown up person. I think it's being an adult.  When you're at this stage where I am, you are neither a child nor a grown up. You are in between. Some people of my age go on acting like they are kids (like me, for instance) while there are others who start acting like they're stuck up and way too grown up. Last year, if you would've asked me whether one should have had a little childish streak, then I would've unhesitatingly answered yes. But now when you ask me the very same question, I'd say this:  Never lose touch with your childhood. As you grow, as you graduate to newer things, people and places, you can't simply act like a ki…