"A Strongly Worded Letter"

This is a letter to all the people who are more or less interested in the zits popping on my oh-so-amazing face.

Dear Everyone Who's Obsessed With My Zits,

I don't mean to hurt anyone in any way but I don't like it when people suggest various creams, dermatologists for my face.

(In case anyone doesn't know, I have acne - but then again, I'm a teen! I'm supposed to be used to it!).

Once in every few days, someone comes up and says, "Oh dear, look at your face! All these zits... was it an allergic reaction or something? I know this fine XYZ doctor who will make your face clear again."

How I want to react when people tell me this:

How I do react when people tell me this:

Frankly, I fail to understand why people really care about my zits when they could, you know, focus on more vital stuff. Such as, all the malnourished kids in the hidden pockets of the world, terrorism - those issues need more attention.

It won't be the end of this world if another enormous pimple pops up at the tip of my nose, people. So stop fussing over it as if it's a big disaster.

I'm happy with the way I look. I'm happy with the way my hair grows matted when I don't comb it too often. I'm happy when I'm wearing an old pair of shorts and a faded T-shirt. I'm happy when I eat way too much of pizza even though people say 'it's not good for your weight, you'll bloat up!'.

I'm happy being me.

I'm not stating that I am completely immune to snide remarks about my face.

Honestly, I'm not.

I get furious. I get mad. I feel like I could scream at the top of my voice just to let everyone know that I don't like them pointing out my physical flaws.

I'm supposed to be like: I was born this way, people. Deal with it.

But at that very moment, when they point out what's horribly wrong with my face, I feel like I could lose it.

What bugs me more is that a lot of people often make fun of people who're fat, people who don't 'dress up too much', people who don't have the appropriate heights or even those who don't have the 'perfect' facial feature.

They don't, you know, actually think about a little thing called 'niceness'.

Looks are a game of genetics. That person was born to that particular set of parents. It was not the kid's conscious decision to be born to such parents. It's... well, it's fate.

I would like to tell all the people who are utterly shallow about their appearances that I don't care how you look like. Even if you look like Mona Lisa or like Shrek the ogre, I don't care.

If you're nice to those who deserve niceness, then I'll be nice to you.

You guys may be gifted with exceptionally good features, amazing figure, flawless skin - but please bear in mind that it's what you do that matters, not what you look like.

So guys, I'd love it if people would, you know, focus more on what's important and not focus on someone's physical attributes.

My zits aren't causing civil wars, that healthy girl's flabs aren't terrorists causing terror, that dowdily dressed boy's clothes aren't responsible for world hunger.

If you would please remove your 'shallow' blindfold, it might be nice for a change. You could focus on what's actually going on in this world.



PS. If you are offended by this post, I have one thing to say...

Ist mir egal! 


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