The 300 Bucks Challenge

In my Economics textbook, money is defined as a medium of exchange.

Now, I’ve never been the richest of the lot. I’ve never been given a huge amount as pocket money. I only got good gifts because I did well enough in my exams. I got my phone, iPod and books because of a little bit of hard work, not because my parents had a strong urge to blow off their hard-earned money on no particular occasion.

Even though I’ve insisted on getting the best of things, now I realize that you don’t get anything unless you work hard or you’ve got insanely rich parents.

So for the past few days, I was wondering about money when an idea struck in my head.

How about – how about I stick to a budget for an entire month?

This thought came across my mind while I was travelling.

Finally, I came to a decision that I should survive on 300 buck for a month.

No, I mean three hundred rupees, not dollars.

Now, you’ll just scoff, because spending three hundred rupees in a day is one of my special talents. So, how am I supposed to stick to a 300 rupee budget? Would it not be tough for a junk-food-freak like me to stick to such a meagre budget?

See, that’s where the challenge is! How do you survive on such a small budget? Sticking to a budget is tough, especially for an impulsive teen like me!

But I think I’m up for it.

It just needs self-control and level-headedness. Nothing more.


Well, what’s the problem in trying it out?

I’d better go now.

Take care, readers.

And I’ll try to take care of my cash.

Much love,




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