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Amelia's Swing

So, I wrote a new story. It was supposed to be for a competition but then I found out that I'm not 'old enough' to enter the contest. 

My mum was pretty disappointed, though. 

Me? I'm fine with it. I guess I hadn't read the instructions properly. :p

However, I'm glad that I wrote this story. I've always wanted to write a saaaad story. 

I hope you like it! :) 

Amelia’s Swing Morning, 25th April, 1991 It was a nice spring day. The small village of Willborough was sunny for once. There was a pleasant breeze wafting in the air. The flowers in the Ferguson s’ yard were blooming to the fullest. Mr. James Ferguson was seated in an old rocking chair, out in the porch, immersed in reading his novel, when – “Daddy, I want a swing.”    Mr. Ferguson kept his book on his lap and looked at his five-year-old daughter. Amelia Ferguson strongly resembled her mother – she had the same fair hair, baby blue eyes and her smile was utterly unique. Her hair was – as always – braided mess…