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Your looks aren't angelic,
Yet, you seem happy, not tragic;
You're street-smart,
But not as brilliant as Einstein; 
There is nothing,
Particularly dark about you;
I see you wake up,
I see you live your life; 
But I do not see your demons,
Clawing your insides,
Nagging you to do things,
Which will harm you; 
The room's dark,  You're all alone,
Protected from the cold,
Unprotected from your inner monsters; 
They come one after the other,  Slowly growing  more vicious;
The sad part is,
You cannot stop them; 
First comes fear,  A cold feeling in your heart,  Colder than the weather; Your fear is rejection,
Rejection from your family,
Rejection from your peers; 
Second arrives jealousy,
The most satanic of your demons;
You start envying everyone,
Including the ones you love; 
Then, hatred seeps in,
A burning intense feeling,
Which makes you feel disgusted,
About everything in your life; 
But the worst isn't over yet;  The sadness that comes,
It cannot be stopped;
You start crying silently,

The Most Detestable Word In SMS Lingo

Me: Hey there! How are you?
XYZ: doin gr8 thnx
Me: That's a really cute profile picture!!

XYZ: heyyyy
Me: I'm really under the weather, right now. I can't sleep and I'm sneezing way too much.


I'm not someone who uses an excessive amount of SMS language. Sure, I use some words like LOL, GTG, BRB and ROFL, but most of the time, my writing style in SMSes is exactly like the way I write in an English paper.

I'm the Grammar Nazi that your parents probably warned you about. But don't worry, I would do nothing to you unless you use 'K' instead of OK. 
K - the most detestable word in the modern-day SMS language.

To all those people who do not know - 'K' is an abridged version of okay and it's the rudest word (or letter, whatever) in existence.

I could write an entire thesis on how much I hate it…

A New Blog

No, I'm not going to delete this blog or anything. This blog is my baby and I love it the most.

I've decided to make a blog which is heavily focuses on my reading habits, my opinions about certain characters, certain books and predictions which mostly won't be true. It'll be a lot more interactive than this blog because I want to know what the readers' opinions are like.

Here's the link to my new blog:

I admit, the name is a bit cheeky.

The Brown Reader blog is going to be completely different from this one. This blog is all about my wacky thoughts, my 'observations' and rantings. The Brown Reader is supposed to be more organized and it focuses a lot on books.

I would simply love it if you guys checked out The Brown Reader and let me know of your opinions about the books I review, the characters I "try to" analyze and the predictions I make.

I really found it sweet how a lot of the people who read this blog …


Definition of the word narcissism: excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one's physical appearance Generally, I'm a very affable person. I try to be sweet to everyone - even to those who I desperately want to strangle. I try to smile when people criticize me - even though internally, I wish to strangle them and send them to the deepest pits of Tartarus.

But I abhor narcissistic people.

You know what I'm talking about? Those kinds of people who just portray themselves as utterly awesome? The kind of people who always have their hands stuck to their hair? The kind of people who talk about political issues as though they're some huge intellectuals but in reality they don't even know the basics of the constitution? The kind of people who boast about the amount of books they've read? The people who tell you about all the guys/girls crushing on them?

I'm sorry, but I CANNOT stand such people.

Look, talking about yourself is one thing. And portrayin…


It was a spontaneous thing I came up with. I warn you - it's highly unedited. 

***The picture is NOT mine! My photography skills are pretty basic!***

Thud! The bag hit the ground.
Sitting down made me realize how much I had worked hard these few days. I fully understood how tired I was.
Being born as the eldest child had its share of disadvantages. All the responsibilities had to be thrust onto you. All the misfortunes that happened to the family resulted in the eldest kid quitting their aspirations and happiness.
In case it wasn’t clear, let me enunciate this again: I was poor. And terribly unhappy.
I wouldn’t say that our condition was too precarious. We had a roof on top of our heads, the necessary furniture, food to eat and air to breathe. The only thing that we didn’t have – and the only thing we needed the most – was money.
My father died two years ago and my mother – a bitter woman who lost her leg in an accident – never forgot to remind me every day how poor we were. Wh…