A New Blog

No, I'm not going to delete this blog or anything. This blog is my baby and I love it the most.

I've decided to make a blog which is heavily focuses on my reading habits, my opinions about certain characters, certain books and predictions which mostly won't be true. It'll be a lot more interactive than this blog because I want to know what the readers' opinions are like.

Here's the link to my new blog:


I admit, the name is a bit cheeky.

The Brown Reader blog is going to be completely different from this one. This blog is all about my wacky thoughts, my 'observations' and rantings. The Brown Reader is supposed to be more organized and it focuses a lot on books.

I would simply love it if you guys checked out The Brown Reader and let me know of your opinions about the books I review, the characters I "try to" analyze and the predictions I make.

I really found it sweet how a lot of the people who read this blog let me know how they really felt about it. It's really sweet that you guys read my blog in midst of your busy schedule.

I hope you guys enjoy the Brown Reader too!


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