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Definition of faux-tographers: Those people who own expensive cameras, click stupid photos and after editing their pictures a lot, they start showcasing their "talent" on social networking sites.

Once upon a time, back when my parents were mere kids (and that's a very long time ago, mind you!) photography was considered as an art, a rare talent only a few had. If you look at the photos back then, you'd be amazed by the amount of emotional depth, the beauty within each shot. You'd think, Wow! This is so awesome! 

Now-a-days, a lot of people have transformed into photographers that I've lost count. A lot of my friends have created albums on Facebook and titled them as - "My Clicks" or "My Photography Skills." 
Yeah, even I had a Facebook album infested with photographs, but I didn't start calling myself a "photographer" just because I got a DSLR camera! 
(Actually, I don't have a DSLR camera. My miserly dad would never buy…

Screw You, Math

As the title so blatantly suggests, I hate Math.

I don't exactly recollect the time when I enjoyed spending time with those numbers. 
Well, actually I can. I was really good at Math till the seventh grade. When I was in sixth grade, I got hundred out of hundred marks in Math. 
No, I'm not bragging or exaggerating. I can show you my freaking report card if you like. 
Anyhow. Back to the main issue. 
I started hating Math since ninth grade, I think? Partly because I had to understand almost every single thing on my own (as my teacher wasn't that great) and I became all the more discouraged when I got the most pathetic grades in the universe. 
Things became slightly better in the tenth and eleventh grade. 
But that doesn't mean that I have (again) fallen in love with Math. 
Let's weigh the pros and cons of mathematics, shall we? 
Pros:  Number One: It teaches you to solve problems.  Number Two: It makes you more logical.  Number Three: If you do get it, you score real…

Career Confusion

There are kids my age, who have all the money in the world. They don't have to study and maintain a good grade. They just have their sickeningly rich daddy's money and the only job they shall have in the future is to spend their daddy's money.

There are kids my age, who don't have much money and want to prove it to the world that they're going to be more successful than the richest men in the country. They're ready to do anything - even if the job can be scandalous or illegal!  
There are kids my age who are forced by their parents to become a doctor or (the king of all the overrated jobs in India) an engineer. If not a doctor or an engineer, be a lawyer or a chartered accountant. 
(About a half of them take up these streams just to keep up their family's status!) 
There are kids my age who have planned everything out. Like - from the seat cover of their office sofa to the number degrees they plan to get! 
And there are kids like me, who do not have a frea…