Career Confusion

There are kids my age, who have all the money in the world. They don't have to study and maintain a good grade. They just have their sickeningly rich daddy's money and the only job they shall have in the future is to spend their daddy's money.

There are kids my age, who don't have much money and want to prove it to the world that they're going to be more successful than the richest men in the country. They're ready to do anything - even if the job can be scandalous or illegal!  

There are kids my age who are forced by their parents to become a doctor or (the king of all the overrated jobs in India) an engineer. If not a doctor or an engineer, be a lawyer or a chartered accountant. 

(About a half of them take up these streams just to keep up their family's status!) 

There are kids my age who have planned everything out. Like - from the seat cover of their office sofa to the number degrees they plan to get! 

And there are kids like me, who do not have a freaking clue about they're going to do. 

I don't even think about today as much as my peers think about the future. 

Call me reckless. Call me irresponsible. Call me stupid

But I'd be honest with you: I'm confused. I have so MANY options to choose from and I honestly can't DECIDE. 

One day, I wake up in the morning and think, I'll do my bachelors in management studies, followed by an MBA, then do something in Mass Communications. 

When I'm about to sleep in the night, I think like this: I'll be an actuary and I'll make loads of money! 

Some other day, I'll wake up and I'll be like: Hey! I wanna be a lawyer! I'll fight a million cases and charge about a million bucks for each court hearing or whatever. 

Or: I'll become a journalist - not a gossip columnist, but a journalist who writes articles for the country's major newspapers. 

Or: I'll be a news reporter. I'll be working for BBC Asia. I'll be speaking in a posh accent and wearing crisp suits. My family - from my immediate family to my distant relatives - would be like, "That girl! I share some of my genes with that girl! Isn't she accomplished?! She was just a scrawny little thing in her childhood, with really fat cheeks and a malnourished body! Look at her now, all tall, beautiful and intelligent!" 

Hey, during some desperate times, I think: I should be air-hostess! Not much brains involved. Just keep serving people! 

(Then I remember: Oh damn, I am not as tall as my grandfather or my uncle. I'm just an average-heighted girl! P.S. I'm not even that pretty looking!) 

(Moreover, I'd get pissed off easily at some picky customers and I'll tip the contents of the food-tray over their heads!)  

Some days, I think: Why can't I be a doctor?

(A second later, I remember. I didn't take science) 

(Plus, I would kill more people than I'd save!)

I know what I want to be, deep down: A writer. 

I've always loved to write. It's like an addiction which cannot be tamed. I can spend hours, days - months, even! - only writing. I love to express my thoughts in a written manner, trying to organize them so that I manage to stay positive against negative people. I love to create new, imaginary worlds because the world I live in is filled with narrow-minded dumbasses. I love to experience new kinds of emotions as I write about different characters.

Whenever I'm writing, or whenever I'm thinking about what to write, I'm in my prime

I'm me. Not some fake girl who has to smile and listen to people who boast about the wealth they have. 

But the people around me would not take it kindly if I abandon everything and study English literature.

Yeah, look at me! Caring about what dumbasses think!

But it does matter. Because those brain-deficit prats have a tendency to say stupid things.

And those stupid things get stuck inside your head. You keep replaying those words in your mind as if they were the lyrics to a Michael Jackson song. It's difficult to tune out. Their words just pop in the most random places - like, when you're writing a test or when you're pooping. 

A lot of people were shocked when I decided to take up commercial studies, instead of sciences - like they'd expected. 

Let me be immodest - I did really well in my tenth grade and could have gotten into any school with my grades. 

But I decided to take up commercial studies, instead of science or arts. Because a) I didn't really wanted to make a career out of sciences b) I loved arts, but if I went headfirst into it, I would lose a lot of options and c) being commercially aware is a boon. Truth be told, I've been able to understand a lot more about the economy and finance due to taking commerce.

Naturally, people were appalled

Hell, even the maid who works at our place was pretty shocked. 

She asked my grandmother, "Why didn't she take up science? She got such a great percentage!" 

See, the people in my country have this shitty mentality that all the brilliant kids should become scientists or doctors or engineers. The brilliant kids who choose to take up some other streams - arts in particular - are treated with utter disdain

Some of the dumbest people I know have taken up science. 

And some of the smartest people I know, have taken up commerce and arts and they're flourishing now! 

But people still give preferential treatment to all the kids who took science because they took science. It's like, taking science is like drinking ambrosia. Taking science is like achieving immortality. Taking science is like the greatest thing on earth. 

Here's a gentle reminder: a huge chunk of people who take up science are the ones who ultimately do a MBA from a shitty college and work in banks. 

Why the hell did you take science in the first place when you were ultimately going to do an MBA and work for a bank? I mean, seriously? 

The kids who took arts or commerce are subjected to way too much of slander. Whenever people see them, they're like, "God, that kid is dumb, because she took such a lousy stream. At least there's nothing to study for them. Good that they wouldn't pressurize their pea-sized brains much!"

I'm in no way trying to say that taking science is a bad thing or taking arts/commerce is amazing. I just want everyone to take up something which they're passionate about, regardless of the pados-waali aunty pressure.

If you love science, go ahead. Take it up. If you're talented artistically, take up arts! If you're really good with money, go for the commercial line.

I'd also like to tell all of you to just relax and think about more important stuff in life - such as: TFIOS movie is coming out soon! or Revenge's season finale is next week!

Haha. Just kidding.

(Not about the Revenge finale. It is next week. I'm really worried about who will die! I hope it's not Aiden!)

But seriously, think about your career - not every second of your day. Just think about it for like, five-ten minutes of your life. If you start worrying at such an early age, you'll lose sleep and your sanity.

Yeah. That's why I'm crazy. I just want to enjoy my childhood/teenhood till it lasts and do well in whatever endeavor I take up.

As Dory from Finding Nemo said - and I quote - Just keep swimming! 


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