Definition of faux-tographers: Those people who own expensive cameras, click stupid photos and after editing their pictures a lot, they start showcasing their "talent" on social networking sites.

Once upon a time, back when my parents were mere kids (and that's a very long time ago, mind you!) photography was considered as an art, a rare talent only a few had. If you look at the photos back then, you'd be amazed by the amount of emotional depth, the beauty within each shot. You'd think, Wow! This is so awesome! 

Now-a-days, a lot of people have transformed into photographers that I've lost count. A lot of my friends have created albums on Facebook and titled them as - "My Clicks" or "My Photography Skills." 

Yeah, even I had a Facebook album infested with photographs, but I didn't start calling myself a "photographer" just because I got a DSLR camera! 

(Actually, I don't have a DSLR camera. My miserly dad would never buy one for me even though he got a laptop to pass his time during a holiday to our native place) 

So, where was I? 

Yeah, faux-tographers

I've seen so many pictures of utterly random things and a lot of them have been termed as "artistic" or really terrific clicks.

I'm not saying that it's morally wrong to have photography as a hobby.

However, it's incredibly stupid when people click photos of the weirdest things ever and label that as a way to show-off their (supposedly great) photography skills. Plus, they'll put a very sentimental quote by some famous person that nobody knows about.

For instance, I can predict a timeline wherein a parent of our generation clicks a picture of his infant's dirty diapers and posts it on his Instagram account with the caption: "Excretion is the only way out to remove the toxic waste within you. #baby #pooping #XYZphotography #yellow #LastNightDinner"

Now, what's this XYZPhotography?

According to a lot of faux-tographers, once you get a DSLR camera or a phone with the camera having awesome-sauce mega-pixels and you click a bunch of pictures of the lamest objects on earth, you start your own photography-business. 

One of my guy friends has been caught by this latest photography bug too. 

A few months ago, he created a Facebook album filled with the photos he clicked on his Sony camera. 

Sure, some of the pictures were really good.

But a lot of them DID not make any sense. 

He had clicked a picture of a stapler. 

Yes. You heard it right. 

A stapler. An object that's used to attach papers together. An object with a lot of pins that can hurt you if you're a tool and misuse it. 

There's nothing artistic about a stapler. 

Yeah, some staplers are genuinely cute. But there's nothing really cute about them when you accidentally staple your thumb.

Okay, so I'll stop ranting about the staplers now.

(But honestly? STAPLERS!??)

However, there are a few good photographers that I know too. 

There's a girl I know from my tenth-grade classes, who is a really good photographer. You'll be amazed to see how awesome her photos are. Ninety-nine percent of those pictures are so mind-blowing that you'll think that they've been clicked by a professional photographer! 

My own miserly dad is a great photographer. 

But you don't see him making a production out of it. 

True talent is not about getting expensive, good-clarity cameras and clicking stupid pictures. True talent is about working hard on that talent, making sure that you grow better after each time you commit an error. It's about truly loving what you're good at, not just faking it front of people. 

I know, this was a very confusing post. 

But I just wanted to let you know of my views. 

Much love, 


P.S. Apply aloe vera to the burned area. 


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