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A Random Life Update (Something Which None Of You Might Be Interested In Knowing About)

My life is over. OVER, I tell you, OVER
Which is nothing new, since I have these dramatic meltdowns on a daily basis. 
My mid-terms are approaching fast and am I prepared? 
Judging from this and this, you pretty much know how studious and academically conscious I am, right? 
But these mid-terms are frightfully important as these help the students to prepare for the board exams in March. These exams also help you in studying seventy-five per-cent of the portion, so all you have to study in the end is for the twenty five per-cent. 
Moreover, I need to turn in a report on malnutrition in my country plus a comparison between two states day-after-tomorrow. 
Thankfully, I've prepared a rough draft, I just need to jot it down soon and turn it in! 
(These are some instances when I feel immensely proud of myself) 
Lastly, I had a fight with one of my best friends. Well, not really a "fight". It's more of a... cold war. 
So, what I did want to convey from this post is this:…

Finding Fanny Review

Finding Fanny, starring Naseeruddin Shah, Deepika Padukone, Dimple Kapadia, Arjun Kapoor and Pankaj Kapur, is a delightful, warm and sunny movie which (thankfully) doesn't have your typical Bollywood masala.

While most Bollywood movies are overdosed with drama and garishness, Finding Fanny is a rare gem which has been created with a tremendous amount of tenderness. It's a rare gem amongst the senseless potboilers that Bollywood has been producing since ages.

You might find most Bollywood flicks infested with the cheesiest jokes, physics-defying stunts and a bunch of highly unnecessary innuendos.

However, Finding Fanny is completely different.

Before we delve into the merits of this superbly well-crafted film, let's just get a few technicalities straightened out, shall I?


Once upon a time, there was a postmaster in a small Goan town (which you can't find in the map. So don't waste your time trying to search for it!). One fine night, wh…


Guess I'm in the mood to write poetry. So here's another poem for you readers. Hope you like it! 
Head held high,  Lips curved into a little smile,
Dressed as she pleased,
She was the epitome of poise; 
People stared at her,
Some with pride,
Some with awe,
And some with jealousy; 
Yet, she was nonplussed,  Her eyes were set straight,  On the goal,
Which she desired to achieve; 
"Look at her!"  An envious wench hissed,  "She's nothing great, only fair,
Then why does she have her nose up in the air?" 
"What's with that strutting?"  Questioned another green-eyed monster,
"It's not as though,  She's some sort of celebrity!" 
She walked past them,
Not paying them heed,
Not bothering to invest her thoughts,  In abusing them; 
That's what is dignity,
Being set on what you deem is important,
Being set on not to think ill of others;  This is what you call dignity,  Being set on your goal,  Being set on emerging from the negativity; 


~ free verse and based on a true story
Never have I,  Been the one,
To be bestowed,
With golden laurels; 
Never have I,
Been the one,
Cheered by the loud,
Enthusiastic and loving crowd; 
Never have I,
Been the one,
To display,
Deep-hidden talents; 
I have always been,
The enigmatic underdog;  Away from the sun,
Overlooked by everyone; 
Sometimes, I wished,
To have the attention,
That the victorious winners,
Receive with fanfare; 
Sometimes, I wished,
I get the trophies,
As a proof that,
I'm as good as the rest; 
Yet now, I'm rather glad,
I'm glad that I won life's challenges,
I'm glad that I didn't chase after laurels,
And compromised with my morals;