~ free verse and based on a true story

Never have I, 
Been the one,
To be bestowed,
With golden laurels; 

Never have I,
Been the one,
Cheered by the loud,
Enthusiastic and loving crowd; 

Never have I,
Been the one,
To display,
Deep-hidden talents; 

I have always been,
The enigmatic underdog; 
Away from the sun,
Overlooked by everyone; 

Sometimes, I wished,
To have the attention,
That the victorious winners,
Receive with fanfare; 

Sometimes, I wished,
I get the trophies,
As a proof that,
I'm as good as the rest; 

Yet now, I'm rather glad,
I'm glad that I won life's challenges,
I'm glad that I didn't chase after laurels,
And compromised with my morals; 


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