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I wrote this for my school magazine which has not been published so far. I hope this gets published in the magazine! :)  
Hope you all like it! xx 
It’s been many years,
Since I came here -
This lovely place,
That once was my childhood escape;
Bushes filled with roses,  Trees of maple lined in the perimeter,
Just to guard this heaven,
 From those who dared to destroy its peace;
I stroll along the sidewalk, Under the late afternoon sunlight,
Lost in my current worries,
When I hear –
A horde of children clad in uniforms,
Arrive from the floral entrance,
Chattering, laughing and jumping –
Not caring about the world;
I stop on my tracks,  And silently observe,
Some children,
Buy ice-creams from a local vendor;
I see some of them,  Rushing to the swings,
Climbing up the monkey bars,
Schoolbags tossed into a corner;
Some of them,  Pass by me,
Joking about school teachers,
And bursting into peals of laughter;
It’s been quite a while – Oh! Ages, actually! –
Since my lips have,
Curved into a…

Liebster Award

Hello there readers! So, now that I've gotten those exams out of the way, I have endless amount of free time. 
(Until November 7th, that is!) 
So, this post is about the Liebster Award, for which I got nominated by darling Eve who owns this amazing blog:
Here are my answers, Eve. They're a bit too long, I hope you aren't too bored! :(  
What would be the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?
Let me be honest about this. I’m not the lottery kind of a person because I’m not someone who believes in “luck”. I happen to be someone who values hardwork and talent more than luck.
If I do win the lottery, then –
Well, it’s highly dependent on the money that I get from the lottery.
Let’s create a hypothetical situation, shall we? Let’s say I get like five million dollars as my grand prize, after the deductions of taxes. Out of the five million, I’d use seventy five thousand to ninety thousand dollars for m…