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Who Is My Ideal Kind Of A Person?

So, the other day, I was just going through my English textbook and I was in desperate search of something that remotely resembled literature
You might ask, “Did you find anything that had the faintest trace of Shakespeare, Tennyson or Wordsworth?”
My answer: Heck, I didn’t even get anything that remotely resembled Chetan Bhagat.
You see, my textbook is a compilation of articles written on the Reader’s Digest or the Times Of India. As poems, it contains translation of Marathi poems which would have sounded much more interesting had they been left off in their native language.
This is the literature that we have. What a sad life.
However, despite of its flaws, the articles in my textbook are brimming with wisdom and some of the poems are really nice.
One such poem is “You May Be The Person I’m Looking For”.
What is this poem about?
This poem is basically a description of an idealistic kind of person – a person that the poet deeply admires.
And somehow, this poem got me thinking:
Who I…

Happy Birthday, Anu!

Today is a special occasion, everyone.

It's not every day that your oldest best friend turns seventeen.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my oldest best friend, Anushree Natraj, turned seventeen on 4th of November when the clock struck twelve!

I know that the previous line sounds quite dramatic, but such nautanki dialogue are allowed on such special days, nai?


Let's begin with a few stories, shall we?

It was nearly twelve years ago (yes! That long!) when I first met Anu.

I don't remember the exact date or the exact moment when we actually met because childhood memories are so distant and so blurry — you hardly remember anything at all.

It's kind of like being drunk, to be honest.

What I do remember about that hazy period was that Anu and I were new girls in our old school. And I do remember that we were in the same class (G Division!) and we had managed to become good friends (you know, the hi-bye-and-play-for-a-while kind, not the ones who exchanged friendship bracelets…