Happy Birthday, Anu!

Today is a special occasion, everyone.

It's not every day that your oldest best friend turns seventeen.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my oldest best friend, Anushree Natraj, turned seventeen on 4th of November when the clock struck twelve!

I know that the previous line sounds quite dramatic, but such nautanki dialogue are allowed on such special days, nai?


Let's begin with a few stories, shall we?

It was nearly twelve years ago (yes! That long!) when I first met Anu.

I don't remember the exact date or the exact moment when we actually met because childhood memories are so distant and so blurry — you hardly remember anything at all.

It's kind of like being drunk, to be honest.

What I do remember about that hazy period was that Anu and I were new girls in our old school. And I do remember that we were in the same class (G Division!) and we had managed to become good friends (you know, the hi-bye-and-play-for-a-while kind, not the ones who exchanged friendship bracelets and pinkie-swore that they'll remain BFFLs!)

2003 ended in a blur to give way for 2004 — the year when we actually became close friends.

Despite the fact that our classes got shuffled (an irritating thing which almost always happened in DAV), we actually became a lot more closer, all thanks to our violin class — which was taught by darling Rajani Aunty, Anu's mom!

So yes, our friendship grew from hi-bye-and-play-for-a-while stage to a much greater stage than pinkie-swear-and-remain-BFFLs.

We ended up being besties who exchanged their Barbie dolls.

Now, that was like a really huge step in seven-year-old world. Forget iPhones, Barbie dolls were like the coolest thing ever. Anyone who had a Barbie — or even better, a Barbie that had a house set along with it! — was considered as a really lucky person.

Back when we were in the third grade (and in the same class!), I had taken Anu's flexible Dance Barbie (who had donned a lavender Britney Spears-esque outfit!) home just to introduce her to my other Barbies (who were somewhat dowdy because I never took care of them!).

One fine day, my uncle took me to watch Narnia.

And a little annoying kid snuck into my house and chopped off poor Britney-Barbie's hair and drew weird Illuminati-esque symbols on Britney-Barbie's flat stomach and perfect forehead.

When I came back, I was scandalised.

First of all, I was mentally scarred because of the horrendous minotaurs shown in the movie (Thanks, Unni Mama!).

When I saw Britney-Barbie, I literally panicked.

I tried doing everything just to rub off those sketch pen marks but my efforts were futile.

Then, I did the most stupidest thing ever:

I took Britney-Barbie to school.

When Anu saw her doll all decorated, she didn't look shocked.

She was beyond horrified.

And that wasn't because of the black sketch pen  marks.

"Are you crazy, Chitra?" She cried out. "What if the teacher sees this? What if she takes it away?"

I probably must have said another stupid thing like, "Just keep it in your bag, dummy! No one would see it!"

To our horror, somebody did see it.

Scratch that. A lot of some-bodies saw Britney-Barbie.

All of them clustered around our

Including our teacher.

Thankfully, she did not freak out or confiscate the Britney-Barbie.

She took Britney-Barbie in her hands and smiled fondly at it. She asked us a few questions about Britney-Barbie and nothing else.

That was the day when I officially believed in miracles.

A few months later (or before — my memory's gotten really poor lately!), Anu made a lovely scrap book for me which was filled with her drawings about our lives (sharing tiffin during recess, violin classes and a lot more!).

It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. And I was really happy that I got it.

Then, in 2007, we all went to Gir forest, as a part of an educational trip.

Let me tell you, that trip was anything but educational.

First of all, the rooms were disgusting, the food wasn't that great and lastly, we all ended up having our own set of "Agni-parikshas"!

Which meant, something bad happened to all of us.

I cut my lip. Anu lost her scarf and Parigha lost her earrings. I don't remember what happened to Aarthi but yeah, something bad did happen.

Despite all of the bad things, we actually had a lot of fun — the kind of fun which I have never, ever had with any other set of friends.

Then, in 2010, Anu changed schools and to say I was really devastated would be an understatement.

I was in a shroud of misery.

Well, who wouldn't be? When you have so many so-called-mature-but-in-reality-really-immature-people around you, you always, always long for your best friend who was always so calm, so understanding and who always made you happy.

Thankfully though, we still had violin classes together and we were still close-knit. She knew what was going on with me and I knew what was going on with her. Despite the fact we were in separate places, we were still those little girls who played with Barbies and who often hopped from one seat to another in theatres, just to get a better view of the movie.

And I hope we'll be those girls forever.

Before I conclude this, I'd like to say something more:

Dear Anu, 

I'm really proud to be a friend of an extraordinary girl like you. Don't you dare to deny it — you have accomplished so MUCH in your life and inspite of it all, you are such a humble person! 

I'm really, really grateful to God that I found a best friend like you. You are one of those few people who know me better than even members of my family. I'll do anything — anything at all— to see you happy. 

Heck, I can even kill the prime minister for you. 

Haha, just kidding! 

But yes, I'd do anything for you. 

Anything at all. 

Thank you for being best friend. 



P.S. Don't forget me after winning the Noble Prize in chemistry! 


  1. Thanks a million for the beautiful post Archie!

    Love from,

  2. Hey Archie, Maya has nominated me for a blog award again, so I of course decided to nominate you in turn. Details can be found on my blog :)
    Eve of penandkey.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Hi Eve!
      Incredibly sorry for such a late reply! Was swamped with a lot of work - assignments, extracurriculars, and exams!
      Thank you so, so, so much for nominating me for the "One Lovely Blog"! It's incredibly sweet of you!
      I hope you're doing great!
      Much love,


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