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Hi everyone! 
How are you all? How was your Christmas? Did you all have too many cakes?  
My Christmas was uneventful, unfortunately. I was busy studying and I had a severe headache, to the point that I almost started imagining that I was going to die. 
I must admit, that was a bit over-the-top. 
Anyway, I was going through my writing folder on my computer and I stumbled across this poem - one of the three poems I'd written for my school magazine. 
And I don't think it got selected. :( 
So, here it is, unabridged. 
Hope you all like it! 
The room is devoid,
Of any soul but myself;
The window’s open,
But the sky is a dismal grey; 
My lips are quivering,
My fingers are shivering,
My heart’s maniacally,
Thudding against my ribcage;
My breathing is unsteadying,  As each minute passes;
Violent tornadoes of fear,
Are churning in my stomach;
‘You can’t do this,’ A nagging voice,
Lurking in a dark corner,
Of your brain, hisses;
‘You shall fail miserably and,
Be upset about it forever…


Something I wrote a long, long time ago. I hope you can relate to this, dear reader! 

Your dreams are,  Vivid like reality and  They are so, so far;  They race in your mind,  Instead of stopping,  They continue to rewind! 
You slog all night, You put up a good fight,  But there's no one to see,  To see you do your duty; 
You pay heed,  You put passion,  That burns brightly like fire,  Over the thing you so dearly desire; 
You're still dreaming,  Lost in your own little utopia,  Until a few words,  Transform it into a dystopia; 
You come to know,  That the thing you crave,  Won't be yours,  But of someone else; 
You feel as though,  It's all a gigantic lie;  You feel so, so,  Utterly destroyed; 
All the sweat you put in,  All the love you showered in,  All the passion you utilised in,  Was just a waste of time; 
Now, your dreams are,  Shattered like broken glass and,  Will always be so, so far;  They will always race in your mind, Always haunt you,  And won't stop &…