Hi everyone! 

How are you all? How was your Christmas? Did you all have too many cakes?  

My Christmas was uneventful, unfortunately. I was busy studying and I had a severe headache, to the point that I almost started imagining that I was going to die. 

I must admit, that was a bit over-the-top. 

Anyway, I was going through my writing folder on my computer and I stumbled across this poem - one of the three poems I'd written for my school magazine. 

And I don't think it got selected. :( 

So, here it is, unabridged. 

Hope you all like it! 

The room is devoid,
Of any soul but myself;
The window’s open,
But the sky is a dismal grey; 

My lips are quivering,
My fingers are shivering,
My heart’s maniacally,
Thudding against my ribcage;

 My breathing is unsteadying, 
As each minute passes;
Violent tornadoes of fear,
Are churning in my stomach;

‘You can’t do this,’
A nagging voice,
Lurking in a dark corner,
Of your brain, hisses;

‘You shall fail miserably and,
Be upset about it forever;’
The voice adds,
Each word vicious than the last;

My knees that were trembling,
Now give away;
I fall onto the ground,
And let out a strangled sound;

“I can’t do this,”
I murmur to myself,
As tears are teetering,
To escape from my eyes;

A shroud of dismay,
Envelops me;
Now, my tears,
Cannot stop flowing;

I stay there,
Arms wrapped around my knees,
My cries engulfing,
The silence of the room; 

A while later,
I get up,
Walk toward the window,
To see –

The grey sky has been replaced, 
By a bright blue;
The sun has re-emerged,
After hiding behind the clouds;

A ray of light,
Touches my face;
Instantaneously, my heart,
Fills with unadulterated joy;

‘Don’t lose hope,’
Another voice whispers;
A voice so gentle and warm,
That it soothes me immensely;

‘Be brave, my dear,’
The voice encourages,
‘You have a lot of potential,
Do not listen to your fears and quit!’

I smile slightly,
Feeling a lot better;
And wipe away my tears,
And brush away my fears; 

Ultimately, I walk out of the room,
Without my prior inhibitions;
I’m ready to face my battle now,
I’m ready to overcome my hurdles now;
I am not afraid anymore,
Now, I’m fearless;  

Consider this as a form of encouragement! :) 


  1. I tried to post a comment earlier but my phone crashed so I don't know if it's been published.

    But anyway, loved the poem! Strikes a chord with me every time I read it. Remembered the time you'd first shown me! <3

    And as for Christmas- full of cakes and bingeing on junk food! Hope your headache is better!

    1. Thanks so much, Una! <3

      Your comments are always, ALWAYS encouraging! <3

      And yeah, my headache's practically nonexisting now!

      Muhc love,


    2. *Much love

      (Gah, damn you auto correct!)


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