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Frankly My Dear, There’s Not One Romantic Bone In My Body

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I thought this post was long overdue.
A word of advice before I start with this:
I’m not the kind of girl who’s into hearts and flowers and all that mush.
(Ew. That made me sound like Christian Grey)
I’m not the kind of a girl who’s interested in getting cuddly-cuddly teddy bears. I’m not the kind of girl who’s interested in going to dates to a romantic restaurant like Madame Puddifoot’s. I’m definitely not the kind of girl who loves to advertise how much she loves her people.
Oh, and like my mother and my grandmother (that is, my mom’s mother), I hate getting hugged.
There are so many reasons I can give as to why it’s a very, very bad idea to romance me.
A.If you buy me teddy bears, I’d give them to my one-year-old cousin:
Yep. It’s true. It’s not that I don’t like teddy bears. But I like my Pluto stuff-toy the best. He’s been my companion for the past sixteen years, gifted to me by my uncle.
My one-year-old cousin, on the other hand,…

Thank You, 2014 – For Teaching Me 14 Essential Life Tips

(I’m not really sorry for the overused clichéd title. It’s what this post is about and my creative juices are finally recovering from the two-year-long writer’s block that had hit me)
The number fourteen has no particular significance in most cultures, except the Chinese one.
According to the Chinese, any number with four at the end is considered unlucky because the pronunciation of the Chinese word for the word ‘four’ is eerily similar to the word they use for ‘death’.
That’s why, instead of naming all the floors in a building like most people normally do, the Chinese insist on not naming the fourth/fourteenth/twenty-fourth or any other floor with the last digit ‘four’ with their respective names. Instead, they chose to name the floor after the next digit.
I know the paragraph written above is highly confusing. So the conclusion is: the number ‘four’ is like the number ‘thirteen’ of the western culture.
I’d known about this titbit since I was eleven (all thanks to a book on Chinese hi…