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Scars scattered on my skin,
Pain storming deep within,
Yet, I am proud to say,
I'm a survivor; 
Catcalls are a norm,
Yet I don't wish to conform,
To the societal rules,
Because I'm a survivor; 
I've seen life at its worst,
I've been through so much that I could burst,
But I won't let them be satisfied,
Because I'm a survivor; 
They say I'm alone,
They think I am prone,
To fall into the shadows called depression;
Oh I'm a survivor; 
They say I'm a poor child,
They say I'll run away wild;
But I won't do anything as such,
Because I'm a survivor; 
They say I'm sugary sweet,
They say I'm a sheep that'll bleat;
Oh they are sadly mistaken,
Because I'm a survivor; 
To you, I may look like harmless,
To you, I may look characterless,
But I'm a fighter through and through;
Life's hit me with a lot of punches,
But you must remember, my darling,
I'm a survivor; 
I don't know,
Whether I'm high or am I low,
What matters the most is,