My Conflicted Thoughts On My Native Place

Flowers which you won't get in most cities. 
Of all the places in this world, I can assure you that my native place is one of the most enchanting places ever. 

It's a quaint, quaint area shrouded heavily by greenery. The most renowned trees of my homeland are gigantic coconut trees, that sway gently against the warm winds blowing. Simply looking at them gives you vertigo. What astounds me all the more is how a lot of people can climb up the slim bark of the tree and manage to pluck coconuts.

Why, if I were in their places, I would have fallen down because I fear heights with a passion. 

(But then again, if I were in their places, I wouldn't have climbed up coconut trees anyway!) 

The ground isn't grey concrete, but rich sand on which you can see wild plants growing with disorderly conduct.

The sneaky snakes are hidden inside ;) 
(Thankfully, you can't see the small snakes slithering within the wild grass!) 

There's a lot of water around too. There's a pond near my house which is absolutely positively gorgeous. People often come there, to swim or rather, to learn how to swim. My entire family learnt swimming from there.  

(Except for me, of course. Because of my acrophobia, I am really scared of diving too)

Oh, and there's the wonderfully wonderful beach with its crystal clear salty water and its smooth sand. It's filled with shells, crabholes and the best part about it is that it's absolutely cleaned and well-maintained! 

A heavily edited Instagrammed shot. Trust me, it's a lot prettier than this. 

But the best part about my village is the quietness. 

I'm chaotic and charged with a lot of energy, living in the most chaotic city in the world. My alarm clocks are honking trucks and buses and my lullabies are raucous, rowdy cacophony which my neighbours call 'music'. The air I breathe is a subtle (?) mixture of oxygen and noxious fumes exhausted from cars. The rest of my day comprises of sifting my way through crowds in order to get my stuff done. 

So, a girl who's been born and who has lived in chaos all her life, is allowed to love quietness, eh? 

This is heaven. Pure heaven. 
Whenever I'm in my village, I wake up early in the morning, go up to the open terrace just to see the wonderful, wonderful sun rise from behind the coconut trees. I sit there, walk around, breathing the fresh air deeply and feeling lucky that I've been fortunate enough to be connected to a land so wondrous that it ought to be bottled up in order not to get its beauty marred. 

What makes my village all the more amazing is the fact that there's a hauntingly beautiful story behind everything - be it the houses, the trees or be it the pond near my house. 

And that somehow, makes up for the boredom that a lot of people apparently experience when they're in their respective native places.


But like everything else in this world, my village is flawed.

Even Satan himself is better than some of the people living there. 

I know I shouldn't be so harshly judgmental. I don't even know them properly, for God's sake! 

But I find it very unnerving, whenever they stare at me or my cousins as if we're freaking Martians, not human beings. 

Once, my grandmother's old maid's granddaughter had come over to our place. Instead of having a decent conversation with me, she was staring at me as if I was a boa constrictor on the loose. 

Oh, and once, at an uncle's wedding reception, I'd asked for some chicken (I am allowed to eat meat) and you know what the servers did? 

They laughed. At my face. 

As if I was a joker from a circus. 

As if I did not deserve to be within their presence.  

As if I was not a human being. 

What's so wrong about being a city-bred kid, may I ask you?

Apparently, city-born kids are characterless, disrespectful and they dress up weirdly.

Apparently, city-born kids don't know their native language for shit. 

(Well, the joke's on their faces because I know my native language pretty darn well) 

(Okay, I know all the swear words because of my grandfather) 

(But at least I can defend myself against conning people if they try to sell me an illegal product!) 

This is what irks me a lot about the villagers. They are people who stick to conventions and stereotypes and judge you harshly. They don't care if you know your language well. They don't care if you don't dress like the quiet girls over there. 

All they care is that you're from the city, you have money and nothing else. 

Hey, how about you guys know about the struggles we go through every single day? Do you guys know how terrible it is to find a job here? Do you guys know how much effort it takes to get into crowded trains, buses and be careful about your phones? Do you guys know how expensive everything is here? Do you guys even know what it feels like to stay in a 1BHK household along with a lot of people? 

No, right? 

So stop your train of judgmental thoughts right there and for a change, be emphatic. 

I know that villagers have their own set of problems - the farming, looking after the workings of the panchayat, organizing the religious festivals and all. 

But that doesn't mean that we city-bred people have easier lives. 

We have our own set of hardships too. And I think it'd be nice if they'd understand that and not spread nasty gossips about our oh-so-uncultured behaviour. 

Well, that's all for now. 

Much love, 


P.S., I'm on Teenage Blog Central, guys! :)  It's a fantastic site for bloggers to interact, talk and learn loads. Highly recommended! :D

P.P.S, Did you all know about Nepal? It's honestly one of the most tragic incidents I've ever come across. Nepal's a very lovely place and it's absolutely cruel to see everyone over there suffer like this! 

I'm definitely going to donate for the cause. 


  1. Hey!Your village seems beautiful.I love it how this post first talks about how beautiful it is and then how contradicting the people are.I don't go to much villages born and raised in city but when I do go to some I really like to look at all the farm animals and farms.Other than that I have no interest in any village.Not only village people but people in general can be funny that way.They find anything that is not normal for them funny and not worth them.Make fun of it.
    Nepal thing was sure a tragedy and to see how the death toll is still going up is even worse D:
    People say it was a big earthquake but I didn't feel it neither did a friend who was with me at the time it came.Best wishes and good thoughts to people over there :)
    TBC is amazing you won't believe how many amazing blogs I've found in that community :)

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. :)
      Thank you for your lovely views, Neal!
      I guess the worst part about villagers is that they aren't accustomed to change. So yeah, that sucks.
      Stay awesome as ever,
      Much love,
      Archie <3

  2. Hello Archie,

    I truly love your style of writing and I should definitely add that it's always a great pleasure to taste your thoughts!

    It's very encouraging to find young souls being so overt and extroverted about both their feelings and opinions.

    Keep the great work going!

    All my love, :))
    Iam Aehr.

    1. Oh my goodness!
      Thank you so, so, so much for your amazing views about my blog!
      I'm honestly... I'm blown away. Truly, I am.
      Thank you so much, Iam!! <3 <3
      Stay awesome as ever,
      Much love,

  3. The pictures are amazing ! I could live there haha

    1. Haha, you totally should. It's a beautiful place! <3
      Stay awesome as ever,
      Much love,
      Archie <3


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