The Difference Between Feminism And Misandry

Statutory Warnings Before I Start Writing This Post: 

a) Remember that I am still a seventeen-year-old and I am very, very inexperienced in life. I still have to do a lot of things and get life's tragic blows. 

b) Also, keep in mind that it’s a free world and I am allowed to express my opinions. 

c)     Yes, I have done my bit of research. Correct me if I'm wrong with the facts. Do not correct me if you think that I'm a dominating militant "feminazi".

What comes to your mind when I say the word 'feminism'?
Yes, we CAN! :D 

Come on now, think a bit. Use those grey cells of yours into some good use!

I'm sure the words like 'rights', 'equality' and 'females' would have come to your mind, right?

Yet, according to a lot of people, feminism is a movement which promotes hating men.

They think that feminists are bitter, grudging women who absolutely, positively loathe the fact that they are not above men and who wish to dominate the world according to their oh-so-militaristic norms.

These people, in my humble opinion, ought to be hit with a ripe, red vegetable used for making the South Indian rasam. Multiple times.

Oh, and I think, hitting them in the head with a big fat book like the Thesaurus would tremendously help.

Honestly, people. Man hating is called misandry. It’s a psychological issue, NOT a social movement. It is something which is starkly, starkly different from feminism.

Feminism is about treating women at par with men. Feminism is about giving women equal fundamental rights – right to vote, right to choose, and right to voice their opinions and so on. Feminism is about equality not superiority. Feminism is about making the world a  better place.

This! This! This is perfect! 
Comparing feminism and misandry is like comparing Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. Comparing feminism and misandry is like comparing a banana and a telephone. Comparing feminism and misandry is wholly, utterly, totally stupid.

I know I’m being irrational. But I’m not one of those irrational, patriarchy-believing fools who think feminists are man-haters.

The reason why a lot of people refuse to see a difference between feminism and misandry is that these people are refusing to see a change.

Ours is a predominantly patriarchal society. It is a place where people think men are dominant, breadwinning creatures and women are delegated to simply doing housework. It is a place where women are tools for producing children and men can do what they want.

But when some individuals try to voice out the fact that everyone's equal, they are shot down like this:
Pro-equality: Okay folks, I think it's time for everyone to be equal. 
Pro-patriarchy: Hahahahahahahahaha. NO! How can you say things like that? You want women to grow? What about our men, then? 

There are so many feminism campaigns that are going on lately, in our nation, especially after the tragic Nirbhaya incident. But the tragedy is, a lot of idiots are out there, who simply don't understand the concept behind such awareness campaigns and shot them down by giving the lame excuse called 'double standards'. 

Take the recent Deepika Padukone's recent viral video for instance.  

For those who don't know, this video - starring Deepika Padukone and 98 other successful female professionals - is a piece by a woman addressing the man that she is entitled to live the way she wants, nobody is entitled to force her to do what they want. 

Personally speaking, I liked this video. I won’t say I agree with all the points mentioned, but overall, I liked the concept and I liked the fact that fancy magazines like Vogue were finally realizing the importance of a woman in the world. 

There were many others like me too, who loved this video and shared it because they wanted to make everyone else aware. 

But guess what? 

There were many others who were fixated on the intercourse-outside-of-marriage point. 

They were like, “How can Deepika Padukone endorse the fact that intercourse outside of marriage is good for a woman? If women can do this, so can men! Geesh, that entire video screamed FEMINAZI.” 

Deepika never said, “Hey guys, you know what? Let’s be militant brutalists who want to conquer the world by imposing our choices on the entire world?” 

All she said was that it was her choice to live the way she wants and no one could dictate her or any other woman. 

It sucks to see that there are so many people out there who are so... revoltingly patriarchal. They think it's wrong of women to actually let everybody know that they (the women) are much, much more than doormats. 

Take some of the country's ministers, for instance. Yep, I'm talking about the few freaks of nature who are stupider

Some morons say that women shouldn't be have mobile phones because they become 'useless' and 'who will look after the children'? 

Yeah, knowing about what's going on in the world and knowing that you have a device to rely on in times of duress is absolutely useless, right? 

Some morons say that women shouldn't dress in shorts because men get 'provoked'. 

Oh. How about you wear a blindfold over your stupid eyes so that you don't get provoked? HOW ABOUT YOU GAG YOUR MOUTH BECAUSE YOUR STUPID WORDS DISGUST EVERYBODY?

What about guys in shorts or guys with no shirts, huh? Women never rape a shirtless guy. They never talk about being provoked because of a man's oh-so-shirtless chest.

So why the double standards? 

What is wrong with a woman who wears shorts? What is wrong with a woman who wears a halter top? What is wrong with a woman wearing the clothes she likes? 

A man wears what he likes. Why is a woman supposed to adjust, then?

Some morons say that women should stay inside the house because it's not good for a woman to go out because apparently, going out = getting raped. Nobody wants to provoke the men. 

How about I hit such patriarchy-believing fools because their sheer stupidity and deliberate ignorance provoked me? 

You know what will happen then? 

There will be so many other voices, saying I am a wild child and I am utterly ill-mannered. They will say that I have no culture and I have no respect whatsoever for the male gender. They will say that I am a domineering female who wants control. 

But only a very few people say that I am a fighter for equality gender. 

And those folks will be silenced by the blinded majority. 


Why can't people set aside their prejudices and listen? Why not hear the entire side instead of blatantly calling it double standards? 

Why can't people, for once, realize that harmony's more important than repression?

Ultimately, we’re all snowflakes – different in shapes, sizes and pattern – but ultimately we are all same. 

And yes, I got the snowflakes part from the #MyChoice video. Nobody ever bothered to hear that sentence: “I am the snowflake, not the snowfall. You are a snowflake.”

That line, ladies and gentlemen, is what I liked the best about that video. It described feminism like a boss. 


  1. I used to care about these issues but lately I just feel cynical about the whole thing. People will never get along, even over the most obvious of things.


    1. Wow.
      I agree with your point too, but sometimes, I feel overly frustrated with the way things are going, Avy!
      Much love,
      Archie <3

  2. In my history class today, we were hearing a lecture on the anti-slavery and women's rights movements. My teacher said that in America, women get paid about 80% of what a man gets paid, for doing the exact same job. That really got me mad. But then after class, a boy says to me, "If women got payed the same as men, we should be able to hit them the same as men." WHAAAAAAAAAT I was a giant ball of fury and he was confused why. Which set me off even more. I mean I understand where he is coming from, like "don't hit a woman" but ust because we are women does in no way mean we are frailer or daintier as a whole than the average man. And he asked why I was being unreasonable, you know, like why I didn't agree. I said "YOU SHOULDN'T BE HITTING ANYBODY"
    He tried to argue back but I just cut him off. I was like really? Really? Do you want to argue about rights with me? This is NOT a funny subject for me. He backed off but I came home from school still very mad. Who teaches their kids to think like that? AGH I am just SUPER upset.
    Sorry for my rambling :\ Thanks

    1. I salute you.
      If I were you, I would have definitely punched the boy.
      And no, your rambling is actually so on point. It's great to see that there are girls out there who actually know what the difference between feminism and misandry is.
      It's also great to know you dealt pretty well with that moronic boy!
      Stay awesome as ever, Brenna,
      Much love,
      Archie <3

  3. This is so articulately expressive my dear.

    I found your blog through Teenage Blogger Central and trust me it was love at first sight!

    I read quite a bunch of your articles, especially the society-oriented ones. And my, my! I have always enjoyed people with spunk and are feisty about fused out concepts!

    Do you happen to be a sociology student dear?

    I'm eighteen, from Mauritius and I've been blogging for only three years now.
    I truly wish if we have a collaboration article one day!

    I look forward to your reply with vivid impatience.

    God Bless,
    Iam Aehr. :))

    1. Dear Iam,
      I am genuinely, genuinely flattered and amazed right now!
      Thank you so, so much for your amazing views. I'm really, really amazed.
      And no, I'm not a sociology student. I'm just a neurotic seventeen-year-old who never has the opportunity to talk about such things around her people. I simply have too many thoughts that people around me apparently cannot take in.
      And yes! We definitely must have a collaboration article one day! We really need to! :D It would be great to collaborate with someone who writes as well as you do! <3
      I saw your blog and I really love the way you write! You're simply too GREAT!


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