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Be Anything, But Don't Be A Wannabe

Let me be honest with you.
I wasn’t always the person I am now.
I wasn’t the girl with the sardonic, sceptical sense of humour. I wasn’t always the girl who took a long time to decide who was right and who was wrong. I wasn’t always the outspoken “I-don’t-like-the-way-you’re-treating-me-and-I-think-we-should-discuss-as-to-what’s-going-on” character either. I wasn’t a girl who always chose her friends carefully because she feared that some of them might only like her for getting their profits and not because they enjoyed her company. 
I was someone who was oh-so-nice.
Correction: I was someone who was oh-so-naïve.
It happens, you know.
The will to be a part of the IT crowd, the desire to be loved and the desire to be popular – who wouldn’t want anything like that?
If anyone’s reading this, don’t you ever deny the fact you ever had the urge, the desire, the yearning to be something more than ‘ordinary’.
It happens to everyone! Every single person in this world has a wild desire to be…


No matter how much you deny,  A lot of people don't know,
What really does go,
On in your mysterious mind; 
They say you're ordinary,
Sweet, simple and soft;  But I know you better,
You're enigmatic and a hopeless fool; 
I see right through you,
I see right past your innocent smile,  I see right past your sweet voice,
I see that you're a lonesome being with no choice; 
To you, trust is a treasure,
Which has no measure;  To you, trust is a luxury,
That you cannot afford to lose; 
You have a biased view,
About this world;  You think everyone is waiting,
To hurt you real bad; 
You think the world wants,
You to fall deep into a bottomless pit,
You think they'd love to see,
The light in your eyes unlit; 
According to you,  Sharing your secret,
Is like giving away,
Your credit card; 
You may be a strong person,  But right now,  You're cautious, fearful and downright scared,
You're scratched, bruised and disfiguring-ly scarred;  
You'd rather murder your own …

Creative Blogger Award

Hi guys!
I got nominated for the Creative Blogger Award all thanks to the amazingly amazing Eve @ Pen & Key.
I am legitimately not sugarcoating this but Eve's blog is a fantastic place where one can read her phenomenal Writing Wednesday prompts, enjoy her endearing rants and bask in her ability to make people feel really warm and fuzzy on the inside!  

For the Creative Blogger Award, one has to talk about five facts about themselves and then tag a bunch of people they follow!  
Thank you so much, Eve, for nominating me for this! I hope that my facts are as awesome as yours:  A lot of people (yes, that includes close members of my own family) think that I'm an introvert, but the truth is: I am not.
I really am an extrovert - I put my heart on my sleeve (is that the right expression??), I love talking to people and know more about their worlds and I absolutely positively love to talk. 
I have a very skewered relationship with dancing. I absolutely detest dancing in front of…