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Perks Of Learning A Language

Languages - you love 'em, you loathe 'em but you can't live without 'em.  (You actually can't live without languages. Unless you're a silent movie actress or a miming artiste)
Let's face it, learning languages, perfecting pronunciations and fighting a gruesome war with the grammar can be extremely taxing. 
But somehow, readers, learning a new language is actually fun. I know what your reaction would be: Dear Archie, Were you dropped in your head when you were a toddler? We don't mean to be rude, but... ARE YOU ACTUALLY INSANE? HOW CAN YOU SAY LANGUAGES ARE FUN?!?! LANGUAGES ARE SO BORING! Much love, The readers who think you've lost your head. And my answer to that would be: Dear readers, No. I'm not insane. My parents actually had me tested when I was two. (But that was because I never spoke and people like my nursery teacher thought I was dumb and I suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) (But the doctor who tested me said that…

It's About Time To Make Your Own Lemonade

I know that you've,  Been punched in the gut;  I know that you've, Been kicked in the butt; 
I know that you're,  Too tired to fight back;  I know that you're,  About to crack; 
But darling, I know,  You're much stronger, I also know,  You can stay in the game much longer;
You got to keep believing,  In your talent, your hardwork, your brain,  You got to stop let the conniving,  Suck your soul, make you drain
I know that you've fallen,  Nine times,  But I know that you MUST,  Get up for the tenth time; 
Life's given you enough,  Sour, fat, yellow lemons,  I think it's about time,  That you use them,  To whip up,  The world's tastiest lemonade; 
I know, people have criticized you,  Called you worthless,  Called you useless,  Called you a freak; 
I know that, you've failed,  Times so many, That failure seems like,  A nasty old frenemy
But my dear, I know that,  You're bursting with talent,  I also know that,  You don't want to waste it;…