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Five Totally Inexpensive, Fail-Safe Ways To Stop Being Sad All The Time (Trust Me, It Works)

To say that June 2015 was one of the saddest months of my life would be the understatement of this millennium. 
Every morning, waking up was sheer torture. Whenever my eyes flew open, I used to have this strong urge to stay there, in my bed forever. I used to stare at the ceiling and I used to desperately wish to stay at home. 
But, since I had my German class to go to, I had to literally force myself to get up, dress up and show up. 
My German class was all the more torturous. I never talked to anybody, except to ask about what's going on. I used to constantly get zoned out, stare into the empty space and just think: I'm in so much deep trouble. 
I felt like I'd failed everybody, especially myself. 
I used to write in my diaries, constantly write about how much I'd drawn into a shell, constantly write about how upset I was with the way things turned out and all I wanted to do was things to turn out well. 
But, as the days passed, I realized that I hated being sad all…

TMI Tag - Possibly My Longest, Messiest Rant Ever!

So, M from the amazing blog, The Life Of Little Me, nominated me for TMI (Too Much Information). Thank you so much, M! Guys, do check out her blog because it's one of the coolest blogs ever! :) So here, you're supposed to answer some questions and then nominate a set of bloggers for the same! :D 1. What are you wearing?

Right now, I’m wearing a loose green T-shirt and striped, pale-blue capris.

2. Have you ever been in love?

As much as I’d love to tell you a passionate, tragic (not to mention completely unrealistic) out-of-the-way Mills & Boons story, I actually have never fallen in love. I’ve had crushes, yes. But that’s about it.

3. Have you ever had a terrible break up?

I haven’t fallen in love, dude. How can one expect me to have a terrible break up? :p

4.  How tall are you?

I guess five feet five but I’m keeping my hopes up.

5. How much do you weigh?

50 kilograms – I think it’s really okay for my height. Had I been 40 kgs, then I WOULD HAVE been worried.

6. Any tattoos?

If yo…

A Letter Of Gratitution

Dear God (or any other superior being that presides over our lives),
Hi there.  I know, a lot of people out there doubt the fact that You exist. I know, a lot of people out there apparently know that You don't exist (because there's no 'scientific proof' or maybe because they want to sound cool because come on, haters are the 'new cool'.) But, after years of being confused and befuddled whether You're really there or not, I've realized that You are there. You are there within each and every one of us. You're there in the air, You're there in the water, You're there on the earth, You're everywhere. You are infinite and You don't have a typical form. You have a strong presence though, which always, always helps people to move forward. You help people, not directly or magically, but with your mere presence. You're Hope, You're the Light that people find in a dark abyss. You're the Giver of positivity and it's only up…