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The Fine, Big-Fat Line Between Maturity And Losing Your Identity

Statutory Warning Before I Commence With This Post:

This post is purely about my rambles. It might be confusing and a hell lot weird. But I hope you are able to make sense out of it. If you aren't, feel free to comment! :) 

Do I feel like a hypocrite right now to give you all gyaan/vishesh tippani/messy rant about maturity, yet again? 
Yes, yes I do. 
Because let's face it. In a lot of ways, I happen to be a highly immature individual. 
Let's enumerate, shall we?  I am immature because I end up blurting a lot of stupid things in front of a lot of people. It's true! I have no FILTER between my idiotic mouth and my stupid brain.
I am immature because I tend to nag people like banshees when they don't reply to my messages or don't respond to what I have to say.

(I do have a justified reason for that: I'm a busy human being too. Me messaging you isn't because I'm totally free in life. It's because I'm interested to talk to you. It's because I ta…


I see you,
Feeling completely sad,
Overthinking about the day,
That went too bad;
I see you,
Snapping at your near and dear ones,
Breaking things around you,
Wreaking havoc all around;
I think you should stop,
Being so sad, so tearful, so morose;
Don’t have anger or remorse,
Towards the day that flew in the past;
I think you should leave,  Your self-belittling thoughts for a while;  I think you should,
Curve your lips into a smile;
Smiling is a treasure,
Which costs absolutely nothing,
The delight, the happiness it gives you,
Is way beyond measure;
So stop crying over what’s gone,
Keep negativity away from you for a long while,
Because, darling, you do look really lovely,
When you curve your lips into a bright, bright smile; 
On the eve of my eighteenth birthday, I've pledged to start taking genuine efforts to make people smile. There is too much depression and too much sadness around. I think everyone deserves to show their pearly/yellowy/chippy/no-matter-how-else…

Writing Prompt #1 - Days As People

Describe each day of the week as if it were a person. Give each one a name, age and job.

46-year-old Monica Frost was a career woman. She was constantly driven by the need to excel in her job. Her job had made her sacrifice her family – she had put her mother in an old-age home and divorced her husband around the same time.

Monica was so obsessed with her job as a marketing analyst that she had no regret about throwing away her family. 

Monica’s only friends were her laptop and her office chair. No one invited her to their house parties. She had never been inside a club – even in her teens. 

Monica could not think of a day where she had relaxed and let go. She hardly remembered the day when she’d last left her high-rise apartment and gone on a vacation. She couldn’t think of a day when she’d had a complete meal, not a burger from a fast-food joint near her apartment. She hardly remembered the day when she’d had a full night’s sleep.

But then again, Monica was too busy to think of such thin…