The Fine, Big-Fat Line Between Maturity And Losing Your Identity

Statutory Warning Before I Commence With This Post:

This post is purely about my rambles. It might be confusing and a hell lot weird. But I hope you are able to make sense out of it. If you aren't, feel free to comment! :) 

Do I feel like a hypocrite right now to give you all gyaan/vishesh tippani/messy rant about maturity, yet again? 

Yes, yes I do. 

Because let's face it. In a lot of ways, I happen to be a highly immature individual. 

Let's enumerate, shall we? 
  1. I am immature because I end up blurting a lot of stupid things in front of a lot of people. It's true! I have no FILTER between my idiotic mouth and my stupid brain.
  2. I am immature because I tend to nag people like banshees when they don't reply to my messages or don't respond to what I have to say.

    (I do have a justified reason for that: I'm a busy human being too. Me messaging you isn't because I'm totally free in life. It's because I'm interested to talk to you. It's because I take interest in the world around me. I'm a curious soul, I can't help it.)
  3. If you don't want to talk to me, then fine. Just tell me and I'll never even do anything as harmless as liking your Facebook posts.)
  4. I am immature because I tend to just take things wayyyy out of proportion.
  5. I am immature because when someone even tries to insult me (or even crack a harmless joke), I end up retaliating ferociously. I end up ranting and raving and screaming until that person ends up begging: OKAY, WOMAN. I'VE GOT YOUR POINT. NOW CHILL!
    (Chill - I hate that word with as much passion as I hate the letter K)
  6. I am immature because I don't do a lot of household chores, even though I am eighteen-years-old and it's high time that I ought to be a fully functioning adult.

There are many more, but if I end up listing them all, I'll end up curling into a ball and start crying at my pathetic self. 

Just kidding, really. I won't do that. I'm way too old for such dramas. 

Or maybe not. 

Anyway, the main point of my latest spiel is: I'm trying, for the third effing time, to decode the broad term called 'maturity'. 

A lot of people have this preconceived notion that maturity is about being serious. To them, maturity is about acting all high-and-mighty. To them, maturity = no fun. 

I think not. 

Maturity, in my opinion is about being an individual who sees the entire picture and just not his perspective. Maturity, in my opinion, is about being comfortable in your own skin. Maturity is about accepting yourself for who you are and basking in your own individuality. 


The only thing that sets you apart from the rest of the 6,999,999,999 human beings on this world. 

(Now don't you dare to bring statistical facts when I'm here trying to make a very poignant and poetic point. If you do that, I'll make sure I'll kill you in your sleep) 

(If you say, how will you get my address, I'll say: I have my sources and smile all mysteriously.) 


Your individuality is something which makes you unique, which makes you identifiable. Your individuality is something that's the most beautiful aspect about you. 

(Now, if you have an unnatural tendency to objectify people of the opposite gender or have a fetish to murder people, then sorry. You are not beautiful on the inside, but you're freaking weird and need to get yourself checked in the head) 

Yet, the main point is: a lot of people think that being mature means being really serious and monotonous. They think maturity means upholding your family's reputation and in that process, they end up acting. 

No, they aren't showing their true feelings or doing what they want. They are merely acting, pretending to be people who they actually are not. They are repressing themselves to such a great extent that they end up losing themselves. 

True maturity isn't about that. It's about reconciling your true self with your keen understanding towards the world. True maturity is about accepting yourself with your angels and demons and trying to make this world a better place, despite your short comings. 

If there is one thing maturity isn't about, it is being fake or portraying yourself as a dull, monotonous saint. 

My grandmother is the finest example of a mature person. 

She has her quirks, you know. She actually plays with my one-year-old cousin like a little kid. She gossips away with me about everything that goes on in my school or college. She loves making corny songs for me and my little cousins. She loves doing silly things like exercising and pouting. 

But at the same time, she is mature enough to understand everyone else's viewpoints and not fight over petty things. She is understanding enough to accept realities of life. 

As for the people who end up faking their way through the world by acting quiet and serious, often end up cursing their family. 

Why, you may ask. 

Because they think like this: I had to act like this because what if I led myself astray? I had to act like this because my family doesn't like it if I behave in an outrageous manner! Why did my family force me to be like this? It's their fault for making me internalize my emotions. 

This chain of negative thoughts starts piling up and then it becomes so huge that it's teetering to explode. 

And once this devastating bomb explodes, the so-called matured person ends up hurting way too many people, especially their family. 

You might say, it's justified because the family was too keen on upholding their reputation over their own child. You might say it's okay because the so-called matured person is finally happy. 

I say that it isn't necessarily true. 

Well, nobody asked the so-called mature person to internalize themselves to such an extent that they end up become quieter than still waters. Nobody asked the so-called mature person to pretend to be something that they are not. Nobody asked a mature person to not to discuss things through with their family members, instead of going all Hiroshima Nagasaki on them. Nobody asked the so-called matured person to lose their personality and end up living a lie. 

I am not denying that there might be incidents that might have had a deep impact on such a person. They could have suffered from shocks and that resulted in a major alteration of their personalities. But, but, but... 

Nobody asked this person to stop sharing their true emotions, right?

Maturity, lastly, isn't about stopping to share about what you feel. On the contrary, it is about truly expressing yourself. 

With this, I bid you all adieu! Hope you all understood this befuddling mess. If you did or if you didn't, there's always the comments section. Or if you know me in real life, you can message me about it.

Stay awesome as ever, dear readers! 

Much love, 

Archie <3 


  1. I like your idea of maturity. Maturity is supposed to be how you are when you're fully grown up, and being content with your individuality as well as everyone else's seems like the best way to be. As we grow up we gain more wisdom, and it's up to us what we acquire and how we choose to use it. Being pretentious and fake will never get you anywhere close to happiness.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Exactly, M.
      Getting wisdom doesn't mean you get a license to shut yourself away from the rest of the world.
      Stay awesome as ever,
      Much love,
      Archie <3

  2. Hey, I thought I'd check your blog out and to my surprise, it is lovely! I really like it! Also, I can relate so much to this, especially the individualty part!

    Keep Writing Amigo!

    - Sammy

    1. Hi Sam,
      I loved your blog too! :)
      Stay awesome as ever,
      Much love,
      Archie <3

  3. THANK YOU FOR MATURITY NOT BEING ABOUT JUST SHUTTING UP:) Let's disprove that misconception! Awesome :) xoxo

    1. Hi Lydia,
      Hi-five! :D
      We totally must disprove that misconception! :D
      Stay awesome as ever,
      Much love,
      Archie <3

  4. YES this is so relatable xD good job! I found this blog by accident and I actually really like it. Go you! xx

    1. Haha, thanks a lot, @thatcrazygiraffe! <3
      Will surely check your blog out!
      Stay awesome as ever,
      Much love,
      Archie <3

  5. It's strange, I was obsessed with being different when I was younger but that didn't mean I had a will of my own. Instead, I tried to fit in and always listened to what people had to say about me. Now I don't give a shit and I feel much more like an individual, like myself.

    / Avy

    1. That's good, Avy! You have to be comfortable being yourself, otherwise you'd be ruled over by people!
      Stay awesome as ever,
      Much love,
      Archie <3

  6. I so agree with you!!... Maturity is accepting yourself in all forms and being that person fearlessly and not succumbing into the stereotype of mature person that the society expects us to be.. I tried to be that person but finally realized that I rather be labeled immature than be that " MATURE" person


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