Writing Prompt #1 - Days As People

Describe each day of the week as if it were a person. Give each one a name, age and job.

46-year-old Monica Frost was a career woman. She was constantly driven by the need to excel in her job. Her job had made her sacrifice her family – she had put her mother in an old-age home and divorced her husband around the same time.

Monica was so obsessed with her job as a marketing analyst that she had no regret about throwing away her family. 

Monica’s only friends were her laptop and her office chair. No one invited her to their house parties. She had never been inside a club – even in her teens. 

Monica could not think of a day where she had relaxed and let go. She hardly remembered the day when she’d last left her high-rise apartment and gone on a vacation. She couldn’t think of a day when she’d had a complete meal, not a burger from a fast-food joint near her apartment. She hardly remembered the day when she’d had a full night’s sleep.

But then again, Monica was too busy to think of such things. 


35-year-old Petunia “Tuney” Chan was also a career woman, but she had managed to take care of her family as well. 

This had taken a huge toll in her health, though. 

When she was back to her lovely house in the suburbs after a long day of work, she had to teach her children multiplication tables and grammar. She also had to cook the dinner because her husband was too miserly to hire a cook. 

Tessa worked for a law firm and her boss was too harsh on her. He would rebuke her even if she made a small error and wouldn’t offer her a pay-rise either. 

She wanted to leave her job but her husband didn’t want her to. He threatened to leave her and her children if she quit. 

Tessa was not like Monica. Her family mattered to her.

But sometimes, sometimes – 

Tessa yearned to let it all go. 


23-year-old Wendy Rosenthal had a great life. 

She was young, she was pretty and she was a fast, high-flying executive. She had work, but she was also free enough to enjoy her life with her friends.

She worked her butt off and yet, she could let off steam by hanging out in the bar in the night.

Colleagues applauded her for helping them, girlfriends giggled with her and guys shamelessly flirted with her. 

But sometimes …  

Sometimes, Wendy felt like she was living a sham-life. 

She felt like life was moving too fast. She felt like everyone around her was interested in her on a superficial level. It felt like, she was a tool to be used. 

But as fast as Wendy was, she was also cautious as hell. 

She did not want to risk losing the people around her because underneath the smiling, bubbly exterior, lay a deeply insecure individual who hated loneliness. 

That’s what being abandoned by your parents at a young age does to you – it makes you realize how much everything matters to you. 


33-year-old Therese Rodriguez enjoyed teaching Math to little kids. 

Sure, Therese wasn’t married. Sure, Therese quit her lucrative career as a finance executive. But it was also great, that Therese was satisfied. 

She loved entering her seventh-grade class and seeing the beaming, bright faces of her darling twelve-year-olds. She loved teaching them about numbers and loved instilling a love for numbers. 

Sure, she was a bit eccentric. Sure, she was a bit hard on her students who did not apply themselves. Sure, she would give tests. But that did not change the fact that Therese was the most popular teachers ever. 

Her students loved her for her teaching skills and the amazing parties that she threw for them. Her colleagues loved her for her positivity and her endearing banters. Her neighbours and family fiercely protected her against the snide remarks of nasty, nosey nobodies. 

People say, ‘do what you love’. 

And here was Therese, doing what she loved – helping kids and people. 


18-year-old Frieda Birmingham was done. 

She was done with her IB Diploma final exams. She was done slogging for the job she’d taken up at the chemicals’ factory. She was done with writing (rather searching on Google and cut-copy-pasting) ninety thousand essays. She was slogging and now, she was FINALLY FREE. 

Frieda was finally free to do what she wanted. 

And right now, she was ready to go on a solo-backpacking trip to the whole of Europe. 

Sure, Mr. and Mrs. Birmingham were scared. But they knew that Frieda really deserved this break. And they knew, Frieda really wanted to get some real life experience. 

So they let her free.


22-year-old Satine was the life and soul of every party, especially when she was drunk. 

She had completely thrown her life away. She was chaotic, she was neurotic, she was completely delusional. 

Satine was the poster child of good girl gone horrifically bad. 

Born to religious and devout parents, Satine had started off as an equally pious, innocent, naïve child. 

Then, when she was around fifteen, Satine met the Satan of her life. 

Her Satan was devastatingly handsome, rib-ticklingly hilarious but he was darkness personified. 

He wooed her, he courted her, he fucked her and then, he dumped her. 

He dumped her, leaving her with nothing but a pink stick that screamed joy for all but sorrow for her. 

As soon as Satine’s parents came to know about her pregnancy, they dropped her like a scalding hot potato. 

Well, they actually dumped her in a convent so that she could be purified. 

But once you’re defiled, there’s practically no chance that you gain your spotless white innocence again. 

Satine ran away, a fortnight after suffering from the veiled yet pointed insults of the purist nuns… right into the arms of her Judas. 

Her Judas loved her, cherished her and he illuminated a vortex for her that was always meant to be dark, gory and downward spiralling. 

And he, like her Satan and her parents, abandoned her. 

Despite the fact that Satine lost her baby, lost her family and everything, she refused to part with her beloved alcohol bottles and drug packets. 


Ninety-nine-year-old Sundance Solace had seen the mellows, the sorrows and gallows of life. 

She was born around the time the WWI was at its prime. She saw how her father, who had inherited a business from her grandfather, lose all his money and getting crippled with acute depression. Much of her adolescence was passed seeing her mother work every second under the grind of the Great Depression. She got married to a man who left soon as the second war was declared. She saw how children grew up as the world around them was becoming all the more technologically advanced. She saw how her children grew up and had kids. She saw how her daughter coped up with her divorce and how her son grieved for his dying wife. She saw how her grandkids grew in such trying times, saw how they rose and shone and now, she had had the lovely opportunity to see her little great-grandchildren. 

Sundance had seen it all.

But she was a wise lady who saw the best of life and ignored the worst aspects. 

As the evening of her life approached, Sundance couldn’t help but be happy. 

Yes, she had had a trying life. Yes, she had seen a lot of horrific things. 

But ultimately, she was truly happy to see the way everything turned out in the end. 

Even though she couldn’t walk properly, even though she couldn’t see properly, even though she couldn’t write properly, Sundance had never been happier. 

She was surrounded by her family – a truly amazing, honest-to-goodness family who genuinely loved her and who she loved with as much fierceness. 


A tad bit dramatic, but ah well. I was in a very dramatic mood when I wrote this... 

So, I just thought I'll do this weekly writing prompt thing, just so that I could actually work on my writing skills. And of course, to regularly update my blog. 

Thank you so much, everybody, for your lovely birthday wishes! I really loved it, it means a lot to me! :) 


  1. Archie, this is amazing!
    I really, really like how you've described the days as people and so accurately as well.
    I especially loved Wendy and Satine.

    Love xo

    1. Hi Saee!
      Thanks a lot! <3
      I was really worried if I'd be able to pull it off.
      But I'm glad you liked it! <3
      Stay awesome as ever,
      Much love,
      Archie <3


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