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On Blogging And The Mad, Mad Blogosphere

In case you're a regular stalker of my oh-so-majestic blog, I'm pretty sure you would know the real reason why I actually started blogging. 
In case you're just an innocent internet user who accidentally stumbled across this blog, let me tell you why I plunged into the sphere of blogging. 
I was a twelve-year-old girl, with the body of a seven-year-old and I had, very recently, been bitten by the writing bug. I'd just finished writing my first novel (which was the stupidest, silliest story ever yet I'm really proud of it) and I just wanted to write more and more and more. 
Then, one fine day, I came to know about the concept of 'blogs' because of my cousin. 
My cousin's really ancient (okay, about thirteen years older than I am) and the number of times we've conversed can be counted in fingers. By the time I'd be old enough to get married, he'd be old enough to have white hair and probably end up having a piteously poor eyesight. 
Anyways, …

On Meandering 'Round The Fort Side

Dear reader, do you ever get this feeling one day: Okay! I want to be alone, for a change?

You know, it's like this sudden Eureka moment and you feel like this sudden urge to just stop being around people. You feel like, damn! I want to be alone! I want to spend some time with myself!
I felt like that too, during the past week.

Since the past week, I've been rushing to my German class, struggling with my college magazine work (struggling would be a really exaggerating word) and getting overly paranoid about the fact that I am not getting enough chances to spend time with my best friends. I've been plagued by stupid thoughts: Oh, everyone's being so constructive and busy and here I am, so lazy! My friends are busy and I have a feeling they've forgotten about me.

No really.

It's been such a torture to tell my stupid brain to shut up with its batty-old-cat-lady thoughts.

So Friday morning, when I woke up, I thought: okay, I'm going to stop moping around. I k…

The Last Day Of Exams

It is late in the night. You’re pacing across the room, anxiously biting your nails and desperately trying to grasp information from your books that you hadn’t touched since the day they had been freshly bought.
As you scan your textbooks and highlight every single thing (yes, including the full-stop), you feel dizzy. You feel like somebody has lifted your chin up, parted your lips and is force-feeding you until you are overstuffed and ready to throw up.
Then finally, as the clock strikes three (the time which a lot of horror movies state is the perfect time for all the ghosts and all things spooky to arrive), you slam your book shut and yawn. 
You walk to your bathroom and see your reflection – you look exactly like all the ghosts that our beloved horror movies talk about. Your hair’s messed up and filled with dirt, your eyes are droopy and laced with dark-circles and your entire body is aching, as if you have been waging a really taxing war. 
Then again, final exams are wars. You h…