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Dear Bully

Dear Bully,

Hi there, buddy.

I bet you don't remember me. Even if you do, I think I might be in the untouched, untapped holes of your mind.

But I?

I remember you very well.

I remember the first time we met, back in fourth grade. At first, I thought you were nice but later?

As the days flew by, I realised that I wasn't even worthy of being your Holiness's "acquaintance". The way you hurled your cutting words at me, the way your nose curled in disgust when you saw me and the way you made sure that I ended up crying my eyes out made it clear that I was a horrible insect that deserved to be stomped out of your way.

All those days, I remember distinctly, I found myself wondering as to why you hated me. I remember, I was being myself and it wasn't like I was hurting you on purpose or anything.

Let me be honest with you, my dear bully. I was hurt. Beyond hurt.

I won't go ahead and say that I was the bubbliest and the most cherubic child. But I won't deny th…

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...

Here I am, staring at the computer screen, completely run out of ideas.

That's what happens to you when you end up giving three solo PowerPoint presentations, a four-hour long midterm exam and a ton of other extracurricular activities. 
Might I add, you've done none of these activities to the best of your abilities and you've only done it for the sake of passing. 
So, as I have no grand ideas to amuse you, allow me to tell you about my majestically amazing self in a list of 25 points (Because hey, it's close to Christmas). 
Here goes nothing: 
A List Of My Favourite Things/Situations/People
1. As strange as it may sound, I love the smell of wood-smoke. I don't know why, but it really seems so crisp and invokes really nostalgic memories. 
2. It may seem really contrary to my overall character, but I really enjoy singing. I know I have a very high-pitched (sometimes really a virile mixture of nasal and shrill when I'm angry) voice. Yet, I enjoy singing m…

Something Which Every Person (Be It A Flabby Balloon Or Be It A Scrawny Scarecrow) Ought to Read

I have a question for you, darling reader: what's the worst thing in this world?

Nope. It's not corrupt government officials. It's not riots or wars or any other forms of violence. It's definitely not malnourished children barely scraping by in third world countries. 
Turns out, the worst thing in this world is - gasp! - gaining weight. 
Nope. I'm not kidding. 
Gaining weight is not good, according to the societal norms. Once you gain weight, you look like you've been having food that you actually like, you look like your health is stable and it seems like you're actually comfortable in your (horrendously flabby!) skin. 
And, my dears, we don't want that, do we? 
We live in a world where stick-thin people - who refuse to eat food which they are lucky they can have - are idolized. We live in a world where people who are healthy are considered as some sort of hideous balls who don't deserve to be within our presence. 
So, as a concerned blogger, I wo…