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On Finally Going To Deutschland

Pehli baar ek hi baar aata hai! (The 'first time' experience comes only once in your life) - Amitabh Bachchan in English Vinglish The first thing that would come to your mind is: 
Why is Archie (who's been a very tardy blogger lately) beginning this blog post with a very oh-so-filmy quote? 
Well, it's because I (finally) got a chance to go to Germany for a radio project after endless days of dreaming, wishing, hoping and despairing.

Which is also why I haven't been a very regular updater of this blog. 
Also there's the fact that I've been very tardy and I feel like the content I'm coming up is shit.
Never mind that. 
The thing is, after I'd posted last, I got busy with the tickets, visa appointments and the entire packing frenzy. 
Every single day went from the constant messages with "Congratulations, dear! I'm so proud of you!" to the even more regular drilling of "It's going to be very cold in Germany, you have to wear really…

Here's Who You'll Meet When You're A Part Of A Club In Your College

Dear reader, in a quest to dare to do something different, I decided to immerse myself in the college extracurricular activities. 
This involved volunteering for the college festivals, participating in oratory competitions (including a mentally scarring debate debacle) and of course, college clubs. 
My college, being the 76-year-old establishment that is, houses about 40-50 odd clubs (or forums, as we say here) and in these past two years, I've worked for around 3-5 of them. 
There are many reasons why clubs are really helpful.
For one, you really get to push yourself out of your comfort zone and do things that challenge you. Secondly, you get to work on your soft skills and learn how to manage your time/tasks efficiently. 
The third and the most important reason why clubs are really beneficial is because you meet people. Loads of them. 
And this post, dear reader, is exactly about those people. 
So without further ado, let's begin, shall we?
1. The Wise Owls 
If your club eve…

An Open Letter To All The "Lonely" People Out There

Hi there. 
I see no purpose in beginning this letter with niceties because I know what you're going to say: 
You're going to begin by saying how nobody in your family understands you. Then, you're going to move onto your friends and moan about how they don't "get you needs". After which, you're going to end with a note that you have no real friends and you're just a poor, poor lonely soul. 
But, my darling friend, have you ever bothered to consider that you might be the problem? 
Oh, now don't start with the theatrics and hear me out, will you? 
I like to believe that there are two types of lonely people - lonely people by circumstances and lonely people by their own behaviour and outlook
Lonely people by circumstances are those who try hard to mingle with others but are scornfully ignored. 
Lonely people by their own behaviour, on the other hand, are those who have everything - a rock solid family, an amazing group of friends and are materialist…


Mixed verse.
Staring at your laptop,
Chewing your fingernails,
Wondering why your ideas now fail,
Waiting for creativity to magically crop;
You remember the times,
When words wove into,
Meaningful, deep quotes,
And soulful, dreamy rhymes; You remember the endless praises,
That were bestowed,
You remember how,
You used to feel so superior, so hallowed;
And now, as you stare,
At the empty word document,
You can’t help but feel,
Blankness mingled with resentment;
You look around a bit,
To find something,
That’s so thought-provoking,
Something that you deem as fit;
You go through your Facebook Newsfeed, A bit desperate, a bit frantic,
‘Cause Facebook’s a place,
Overflowing with people’s crazy antics;
You are tempted to throw,
A nasty shade, masked by lyrical words,
Just so some idiots get sense,
Into their overly inflated heads;
But then you stop, Let out a deep sigh,
Shake your head in defeat,
Because no matter how much you yell,
No matter how much you beat,
Those morons aren…


It's one of those evenings.
You are lying on your couch, utterly bored. You are staring at the patterns on the window made by the rain pouring outside. There's nothing else you can do right now, except stare
You have no will whatsoever to get up and reorganize your desk. You have no desire to even look at your phone and immerse yourself in the deliciously addictive cyber world. There is nothing you really want to do except lie on that couch of yours and start off with your favourite past-time: 
You start off pondering over all the grand plans that you had formulated and think about how everything just ended up dramatically opposite to what you had imagined. You think about how crazy you used to be, so many years ago, and you think about how you have grown so much as a person. 
Then gradually, you start thinking about all the people you've encountered in your life. 
You think about your doting parents, how they mollycoddled you in your childhood. You think abou…

The Clichéd ‘What I Learned From My Internship’ Post

It started off as an innocent call from one of my mom’s oldest friends. 
Let me stage the scene for you, dear reader. 
It was around ten in the night. I was deeply immersed in my studies, cramming for the exam the very next day. My mom was lying on the 2004-era sofa and chatting with her old friend. 
Then suddenly, my mom spoke to me, breaking me out of my reverie, “There’s a website called Internshala where you get to apply for internships during the summer.” 
“Oh, I have an account there,” was my reply and I plunged into my books, frantically trying to memorize the gist of the whole chapter. 
“You know, V* Aunty said that doing internships is a good thing for summer.” Mom said, completely used to my last minute jittery behaviour. “You’ll get certificates and work experience – which will help you for better job offers and post-grad options.” 
“That sounds cool,” I noted. “I’ll definitely apply for one this summer.” 
And thus, dear reader, began Archie’s Great Internship Saga, Summer…

We Hit A Century - FINALLY!

All right. Ol' Archie is back from the dead.

I'm sorry for being such a tardy updater, dear reader.  
But things have been so strenuous lately! 
For one, my exams ended and a week later, my German class started and so did my stint as an intern at this super-cool content writing firm. 
So far, it's been a fantastic experience! I'm getting to learn so much about writing, research and marketing. Each day, I get to be a part of incredible meetings, discover new things and most importantly - write for some of the biggest companies in the country! 
Anyway, more on my internship later and onto this post! 
This is the 100th post on my blog. 100th.

A freaking century if you want to use a cricket jargon. 
It's been SO LONG. I started it waaaaaaaaay back in December 2011 and since then I've been pretty (somewhat) regular. 
And going through my old posts, I've realized that I have grown so much as an individual.

Five years ago, I was this little caterpillar who …

Book Fangirling Blogger Award! :D

You might be wondering where I must have disappeared off to, eh?
That is, if you were constantly stalking my blog in hopes of an update.
I have my final exams going on right now, so I disappeared for a while. 
And now, I'm back with a really short, quick post which is the Book Fangirling Blogger Award! 
I got nominated for this award by the lovely Adriana Gil, who runs the blog 'Everything You Like'! Her blogposts range from awesome-sauce anime reviews to vivid descriptions of her experiences! So, do check out her blog, dear reader! 
So, in this blogger award, we are supposed to answer the questions given out by the person who nominated us (in my case, it's Adriana) and then nominate five other people who will answer questions made by us! 
Here goes nothing! :) 
1. What's your favorite book?
Honestly speaking, this is a tough question. 
I've been reading books since I was nine years old and there have been so many books that have had a deep impact about my menta…

Love Is

Mixed verse. 

Contrary to popular opinion,
Love is,
A lot more than,
Grand gestures, passionate declarations; 
Love is when a mother,
Comforts you so your pain goes away,
Gives your forehead a gentle kiss,
And a warm hug that's pure bliss; 
Love is when a father,
Sits beside and patiently, teaches you,
Everything about the mysteries of life,  Stays strong beside you during a dark strife; 
Love is when a grandma, Makes you laugh,
With her hilarious anecdotes,
Of a village life filled with trees and boats; 
Love is when a grandpa,
Pats your back,
Just so you peacefully fall asleep,
In times when you can only weep; 
Love is when an uncle and aunt,
Take you out on weekends,
To celestial planetariums, glittering musicals,
 Each moment with them is simply magical; 
Love is when a little cousin,
Barges into your room,
And bosses over you,
Tells you what to do; 
Love is when you see,
A baby cousin,
Saying your name correctly, out loud,
Strangely, you can't help but feel proud; 

Why The Hell Do People Get Butthurt Over Mundane Things?

Ever since the inception of online social media, the right to freedom of speech has definitely increased. 
Oh, apart from the right to freedom of speech, the right to freedom of getting unnecessarily offended has also risen remarkably.
Oh, yes. 
Even a single comment can spark sheer amount of outrage.
If you say, “Oh, but this is so not cool!” you will get the following outcomes: 
Person A: How dare you say that? Are you like, retarded or something? 
Person B: *insert thousands of swearwords, targeting at you and the female members of your household* 
Person C: Okay, you know what? You are acting way too stupid. Your comment “Oh, but this is so not cool!” demonstrates that you are a highly privileged spoilt brat and you always want to stay in vogue. Why did you even comment that? Don’t you understand there are poor children in a far-off 3rd world country, starving? And yet, here you are, cribbing about your materialistic pleasures! 
I get the fact that this is a free world and so…