Why The Hell Do People Get Butthurt Over Mundane Things?

Ever since the inception of online social media, the right to freedom of speech has definitely increased. 

Oh, apart from the right to freedom of speech, the right to freedom of getting unnecessarily offended has also risen remarkably.

Oh, yes. 

Even a single comment can spark sheer amount of outrage.

If you say, “Oh, but this is so not cool!” you will get the following outcomes: 

Person A: How dare you say that? Are you like, retarded or something? 

Person B: *insert thousands of swearwords, targeting at you and the female members of your household* 

Person C: Okay, you know what? You are acting way too stupid. Your comment “Oh, but this is so not cool!” demonstrates that you are a highly privileged spoilt brat and you always want to stay in vogue. Why did you even comment that? Don’t you understand there are poor children in a far-off 3rd world country, starving? And yet, here you are, cribbing about your materialistic pleasures! 


I get the fact that this is a free world and social media is a place wherein you get to vent out your frustrations, especially when you had a horrible day. 

But that doesn’t mean that this world is a world where you can spread so much stupidity. 

If there’s anything in the world that’s highly annoying, it’s getting butthurt over the smallest of things. 

On worldly matters, you’ll find such people lurking on social media sites, harshly criticizing a particular celebrity for being a racist/looks-obsessed blah blah blah. 

Oh, I’m not talking about the Oscars this time, where a lot of African Americans, people from the LGBT background aren’t nominated. That, I wholly agree, is wrong. 

I’m talking about those people who comment on highly unnecessarily things as if they are morally wrong. 

Like, take the Taylor Swift squad for instance.

Sure, a lot of people have been going on singing, “Squad Goals” whenever they see Taylor with her squad of girls. 

But there are billions of other people who are apparently really sick of the fact that Taylor has ‘supermodel’ best friends. They think she’s a superficial shallow person and are butthurt over the fact that she’s got oh-so-glamourous friends. 

Okay, I don’t know Taylor personally.

But as someone who tries her hardest to think rationally, I honestly don’t think that Taylor’s trying to rub it in anyone’s faces about the fact that she’s oh-so-cool and I don’t think she’s in anyway trying to promote a ‘perfect, super-skinny’ body image for girls, like a lot of butthurt individuals are alleging that she is. 

Even I have a bunch of friends who have really pretty features and are very popular amongst their peers. But that doesn’t mean that I am trying to rub it in people’s faces that “I’m cool, you’re lame, get lost.” 

It’s not even like she’s bringing her squad of girls to shoot the butthurt people dead with all the arms and ammunition that they had used in the Bad Blood music video. So, why are the butthurt people even being so negative? 

Now, let’s talk about the recent release of the music video of the song “Hymn Of The Weekend” by Coldplay, shall we? 

I am not a Coldplay fan. I have only heard ‘Paradise’ because it was pre-set on my phone by my uncle as an alarm tone. 

But yesterday, when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw an article about ‘Hymn Of The Weekend’ and decided to click on it. 

When I saw the article, I was outraged by the tweets by the Twitterati. They were accusing Coldplay and Beyoncé of cultural appropriation and bunch of heavy-weight stuff like that. And I was outraged because hey, I’m an Indian. I have a right to take umbrage at any sort of indignity towards my country. 

So, I decided to see the video for myself. 

The video basically portrays Beyoncé as a stunning Bollywood actress called Rani and also shows off the festival of Holi, not to mention a 1/8th portion wherein Sonam Kapoor’s prancing around. 

What people got offended over was the fact that it apparently showed the poorer side of India.

I don’t think it showed a poorer side, per say. I personally think they did a great job by portraying India for its vibrancy and colourful culture. Yes, there were people dressed in not-so-great clothes and all. 

But overall what I saw was that a lot of beautiful facets of the diverse Indian society were being portrayed, especially the rural parts. Moreover, did people completely overlook the forts and the scenes where people are actually dancing?

What people see is the ‘poverty’. 

If people are honestly so hurt by poverty, then why don’t they try to alleviate it? Why are they simply sticking in front of their respective mobile phone/computer screens? 

You know what’s wrong with this crowd of people? 

They take up a particular incident, overanalyse it to the point that the incident cannot be analysed any longer and then sprout a lot of gibberish. 

They insult the people involved in the incident, accuse them of being sociopaths/psychopaths/schizophrenic and intersperse a lot of intellectual words just so they sound smart. 

The butthurt people honestly have nothing to be butthurt about. They are only talking so negatively just so they get attention and just so they come off as really concerned, conscientious citizens of the world. 

Well, if they are so concerned about the well-being of the denizens of our planet, I’d think that they’d rather focus on the main issues like poverty, education and employment and not come up with eighty thousand reasons why a particular celebrity is a jerk just because he/she did something that was perfectly innocuous. 

Let me be frank here. I am not butthurt about seeing so many butthurt people. I am irritated by the rising trend. There's a fine difference between being highly opinionated and criticizing something unnecessarily.  

If you have a problem with something, you (a) ignore it or (b) do something so that the problem can be solved. 

With this, I conclude my rant on the hypocritical morons out there, with hopes that I am not like one of these idiots.. I hope that you, dear reader, aren't one of these fools, either. 

Stay awesome (and not butthurt) as ever, 

Much love,

Archie <3 


  1. I only saw a few tweets about what people thought of that video. Basically, I think the main problem that an Indian might have with a non-Indian portraying Indian culture is the phenomenon of cultural appropriation, where if you represent your culture, you don't get a very positive feedback but when someone else portrays your culture, they get a lot more positive feedback so that's kind of unfair, right? Like you need someone of another race to portray your culture for other people to appreciate.
    Are you on tumblr? That place is full of social justice warriors and constant debates about ridiculous things like being offended and freedom of speech xD it's interesting to read but it becomes an awful headache if you get too involved.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Well, that's another way to put it.
      But Indian culture has achieved a lot of recognition from Indian actors too. If you do go to see, a lot of Bollywood actors have really made a mark in the international scene. Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai are global icons. Priyanka Chopra's literally got her own show and now she's also been asked to present awards!
      The butthurt people were annoyed at the fact that India was shown as a 'mystical' land and it was portrayed as a poor country.
      So yeah!
      And yes, I was on Tumblr! But I left it because of my board exams! Are you on Tumblr?
      Stay awesome as ever,
      Much love,
      Archie <3

  2. Maybe the general mentality is that not being offended about something controversial will make one appear incompetent, passive fool full of apathy. (A parallel explanation to yours where you rightly pointed out the pretentious concern people want to display). Sometimes I feel that people are offended because others are also offended.(Offence seems to be contagious like a sneezing).

    There would probably be less butthurt people in the world if all of us applied our own mind instead of voicing someone else's opinion. Another mistake that I feel we easily make (I have made it myself) is to take general representations or explanations as personal attacks, not realizing that this world is much bigger than "I" and "Our". Cut the ego, widen the perspective. :)

    With this, I finish my morsel of thoughts on this subject. Your style of writing fills me with oh-so-much-joy like always.


    1. Exactly! Exactly!
      People are just mimicking each other and it's honestly getting sickening!
      I finally guessed whose friend you are! :)
      Stay awesome as ever,
      Much love,
      Archie <3


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