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Love Is

Mixed verse. 

Contrary to popular opinion,
Love is,
A lot more than,
Grand gestures, passionate declarations; 
Love is when a mother,
Comforts you so your pain goes away,
Gives your forehead a gentle kiss,
And a warm hug that's pure bliss; 
Love is when a father,
Sits beside and patiently, teaches you,
Everything about the mysteries of life,  Stays strong beside you during a dark strife; 
Love is when a grandma, Makes you laugh,
With her hilarious anecdotes,
Of a village life filled with trees and boats; 
Love is when a grandpa,
Pats your back,
Just so you peacefully fall asleep,
In times when you can only weep; 
Love is when an uncle and aunt,
Take you out on weekends,
To celestial planetariums, glittering musicals,
 Each moment with them is simply magical; 
Love is when a little cousin,
Barges into your room,
And bosses over you,
Tells you what to do; 
Love is when you see,
A baby cousin,
Saying your name correctly, out loud,
Strangely, you can't help but feel proud;