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We Hit A Century - FINALLY!

All right. Ol' Archie is back from the dead.

I'm sorry for being such a tardy updater, dear reader.  
But things have been so strenuous lately! 
For one, my exams ended and a week later, my German class started and so did my stint as an intern at this super-cool content writing firm. 
So far, it's been a fantastic experience! I'm getting to learn so much about writing, research and marketing. Each day, I get to be a part of incredible meetings, discover new things and most importantly - write for some of the biggest companies in the country! 
Anyway, more on my internship later and onto this post! 
This is the 100th post on my blog. 100th.

A freaking century if you want to use a cricket jargon. 
It's been SO LONG. I started it waaaaaaaaay back in December 2011 and since then I've been pretty (somewhat) regular. 
And going through my old posts, I've realized that I have grown so much as an individual.

Five years ago, I was this little caterpillar who …