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Mixed verse.
Staring at your laptop,
Chewing your fingernails,
Wondering why your ideas now fail,
Waiting for creativity to magically crop;
You remember the times,
When words wove into,
Meaningful, deep quotes,
And soulful, dreamy rhymes; You remember the endless praises,
That were bestowed,
You remember how,
You used to feel so superior, so hallowed;
And now, as you stare,
At the empty word document,
You can’t help but feel,
Blankness mingled with resentment;
You look around a bit,
To find something,
That’s so thought-provoking,
Something that you deem as fit;
You go through your Facebook Newsfeed, A bit desperate, a bit frantic,
‘Cause Facebook’s a place,
Overflowing with people’s crazy antics;
You are tempted to throw,
A nasty shade, masked by lyrical words,
Just so some idiots get sense,
Into their overly inflated heads;
But then you stop, Let out a deep sigh,
Shake your head in defeat,
Because no matter how much you yell,
No matter how much you beat,
Those morons aren…