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Here's Who You'll Meet When You're A Part Of A Club In Your College

Dear reader, in a quest to dare to do something different, I decided to immerse myself in the college extracurricular activities. 
This involved volunteering for the college festivals, participating in oratory competitions (including a mentally scarring debate debacle) and of course, college clubs. 
My college, being the 76-year-old establishment that is, houses about 40-50 odd clubs (or forums, as we say here) and in these past two years, I've worked for around 3-5 of them. 
There are many reasons why clubs are really helpful.
For one, you really get to push yourself out of your comfort zone and do things that challenge you. Secondly, you get to work on your soft skills and learn how to manage your time/tasks efficiently. 
The third and the most important reason why clubs are really beneficial is because you meet people. Loads of them. 
And this post, dear reader, is exactly about those people. 
So without further ado, let's begin, shall we?
1. The Wise Owls 
If your club eve…