Here's Who You'll Meet When You're A Part Of A Club In Your College

Dear reader, in a quest to dare to do something different, I decided to immerse myself in the college extracurricular activities. 

This involved volunteering for the college festivals, participating in oratory competitions (including a mentally scarring debate debacle) and of course, college clubs. 

My college, being the 76-year-old establishment that is, houses about 40-50 odd clubs (or forums, as we say here) and in these past two years, I've worked for around 3-5 of them. 

There are many reasons why clubs are really helpful.

For one, you really get to push yourself out of your comfort zone and do things that challenge you. Secondly, you get to work on your soft skills and learn how to manage your time/tasks efficiently. 

The third and the most important reason why clubs are really beneficial is because you meet people. Loads of them. 

And this post, dear reader, is exactly about those people. 

So without further ado, let's begin, shall we?

1. The Wise Owls 

If your club even has one wise owl, you're sorted. Seriously. 

The Wise Owls are members who have had an extremely enriching experience in handling club activities. They are the ones who know everything.

By everything, I mean EVERY SINGLE THING. 

Which authority are we supposed to approach? They'll take you to those authorities along with them. 

What are the ways to promote a new activity? They'll be the ones who'll come up with the smartest strategies. 

What if a crisis comes while you're conducting the said club activity? Don't worry at all! These wise owls will see to it that the crisis is smoothly averted! 

Like one person (actually me) wisely said, "Blessed are those who have a wise owl guiding them towards enlightenment." 

2. The Incredible Dependables 

The Incredible Dependables (pardon the new word coined) are those people who you can have sheer blind faith in. 

You know why? It's because they're THAT dependable and awesome. 

They are enthusiastic, supremely creative and you know, you just know - they are going to make it big with their sheer zest for life.

They'll be one of the first ones to finish a task and one of the people who'll wait back till the very end until everything is sorted. 

3. The Inspiring Demigods

This type of member is as rare and exclusive as its name. 

The Inspiring Demigods are those who literally work ten times harder than you and work for almost every single forum out there, with incredible amount of enthusiasm for each activity. 

The best part about these demigods is the fact that they are very down-to-earth and approachable. They aren't going to turn up their noses when they see you fumbling. They are actually empathetic and they really do help you out. 

In a way, you could say they're this fine hybrid of the Wise Owls and the Incredible Dependables. 

Which is why, they are pretty freaking terrific.

4. The Know-It-Alls-Who-Don't-Know-At-Alls

Now, at this point in my article, I'd like to divert your focus to the "not-so-happening" people, beginning with the know-it-alls-who-don't-know-at-alls. 

These people are the ones who attend the club meetings once in a blue moon and they come only for a very few events.

Instead of being wholly enthusiastic, they are the ones with the maximum amount of problems. 

They'll be quick to point out, "This isn't right! I'd said something but nobody gave a damn about me!" 

Now tell me, how are we supposed to give a damn about your opinion, if you're just sitting in one corner and being so negative, instead of, you know, ACTUALLY HELPING OUT?!

But then again, these people are still helpful because they make you work extra harder on the "flaws" and improve the way your club's run. 

5. The Mercurial Hotheads 

It is common knowledge that whenever you're participating in any activity, there is a high chance that you are going to come across people that are... 

Very mercurial

One minute, they are absolutely hunky dory. The next, they start sprouting fangs and yelling their heads off at you and leave you wondering, "Is there something wrong with them?" 

And then when you're contemplating to throw them into a mental asylum, they start behaving normally again.

Keeping their moodiness aside, the Mercurial Hotheads I've gotten to work with are some of the coolest people ever. Moreover, working with them has made me try to present my arguments in a much better manner. 

6. The Queens/Kings Of Paranoia 

To put it simply, they are the Meena Kumaris of the club. 

They are the ones who constantly keep worrying, fretting and desperately hoping that things would go well. Even the slightest disorder can be equal to a devastating natural disaster. 

So, a word of advice: tread a bit carefully around them. Otherwise, you'd end up getting a first-hand experience of the human personification of Niagara Falls. 

7. The Indignant Lazy Bums

You know the pinky-pinky hippopotamuses who loll around lazily until they get provoked all of a sudden and become batshit crazy? 

That's how the Indignant Lazy Bums are. 

You'd rather expect pigs to start flying rather than expecting a Lazy Bum to work. You'd rather expect Martians to land on earth and end up creating their colonies here than expect the Lazy Bum to work. Hell, you'd rather expect Kim Kardashian to end up becoming a nun than expect the Lazy Bums to work. 

But when you even do something as hint that the Lazy Bum hasn't been working, then - 

One. Two. Three. 


And so it goes on. The Lazy Bum, who's never as much as lifted a finger to help the rest of the slogging club members, talks about all the 'hard work' he/she has put in and how it is a gross injustice on your part to question that hardwork so 'callously. 

After which, you think, "Wow, it would have been soo much better to have kept my mouth shut." 


With this, I sum up my strange observations in the 'club culture'. I hope you could relate to any one of the types mentioned above and I really hope you liked it! 

Stay awesome as ever,

Much love,

Archie <3


  1. Interesting categorization, Archie.
    I wasn't part of any particular club's core committee, but I have had the pleasure (in a few cases not so pleasant) to be around all the types you have enlisted, thanks to which I was always receiving different perspectives of different clubs. One of my closest friend would easily make it into the Wise owl and the Incredible Dependable categories.

    Some types inspire us, the others make us grab a hammer. But they all have one common underscore which is that they make us grow in many ways. I think you seem to understand that very well.



    1. Haha, thank you so much, HK! :D

      Stay awesome as ever,

      Much love,

      Archie <3


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