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One, two, three, The verdict's out, And you are free, From the anticipation of anxiety;
But it's not what you'd hoped, And you're now left to cope - With a loss, Of the greatest magnitude;
At first, you see not the pitying stares, You hear not the words of comfort; You only feel, Absolute emptiness; 
After a while, The reality sinks in, You - who had the most radiant of smiles - Finally break down and cry;
You despair,  Over how miserably you've fared;  You blame the entire universe - For conspiring against you; 
Then your mind begins to feed, You with fierce, formidable fears, Of not being able to succeed, In the task you just miserably failed in; 
Then a while later, You realize, That time is a prize, A treasure not intended to be wasted, On wasted tears, Or irrational fears;
Slowly, you rise, Shakily at first, Then growing firmer, As you take the next steps;
Then, without looking back, You give your all - Hard work, passion and grit, To see that you finally get…