One, two, three,
The verdict's out,
And you are free,
From the anticipation of anxiety;

But it's not what you'd hoped,
And you're now left to cope -
With a loss,
Of the greatest magnitude;

At first, you see not the pitying stares,
You hear not the words of comfort;
You only feel,
Absolute emptiness; 

After a while,
The reality sinks in,
You - who had the most radiant of smiles -
Finally break down and cry;

You despair, 
Over how miserably you've fared; 
You blame the entire universe -
For conspiring against you; 

Then your mind begins to feed,
You with fierce, formidable fears,
Of not being able to succeed,
In the task you just miserably failed in; 

Then a while later,
You realize,
That time is a prize,
A treasure not intended to be wasted,
On wasted tears,
Or irrational fears;

Slowly, you rise,
Shakily at first,
Then growing firmer,
As you take the next steps;

Then, without looking back,
You give your all -
Hard work, passion and grit,
To see that you finally get what you've always wanted; 

And then in the end,
The verdict's finally out,
And you are free,
From the anticipation of anxiety;

But it's better than what you'd hoped,
And you're now left to cope -
With a victory,
Filled with greatest joy,
And a deepest sense,
Of utmost satisfaction; 


Well, it's already a month into the New Year and you (probably, if you follow my blog regularly) must be wondering, "Why hasn't Archie updated her blog with a '16 Things I Learned In 2016'?"

So, after a lot of contemplation and musings, I decided to write about the most important lesson I'd learnt last year - failure. 

Last year, a lot of my friends couldn't clear an important competitive exam after nine freaking months of slogging. And mind you, these people were some of the most brilliant classmates I've ever had.

To see their dejected faces and sense of disorientation made me really, really unhappy

And then, in November, when I was in Germany, I came to know that I'd flunked one of my extra course's exams and that's when the sense of failure really, really, really hit me. 

But somehow, instead of moping around, I got to know about the next exam dates and I started prepping up for it.

Deep down, I was terrified about the exam. There were times when I thought, "Oh why the hell am I doing this now? What if I fail? Again?" 

Yet, a bigger part of me was, "Wait, you've loved this language since a pretty long time, haven't you? You've spent hours and hours learning it, haven't you? Then what's stopping you NOW?" 

With these mixed emotions, I gave the exam and...


So, all in all, I'd like to say this:

Failure is horrible. It's scary and when it happens to you, you feel like you've been punched really badly in the stomach and you feel like the entire universe is conspiring against you.

But that doesn't mean you have to be DEFINED by it. 

After you've licked your wounds, you have to get up, work your ass off and know what you're made of. 

And believe me, a girl who's had to face endless rejections and bombed auditions, failure is only going to make you bounce back higher and higher. 

So do not let your failure dictate your entire being. Stand up, work a hundred times harder and finally, you'll get what you've always wanted.

So in conclusion, I'd like to wish y'all a very happy New Year! Have a fantastically fantastic year ahead! Don't get bogged down by failures and keep - well, what else can I say? - hustling! 

Stay awesome as ever,

Much love,

Archie <3


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