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The Hypocrites That Are "Feminists"

When you take the effort to Google the word feminism, the definition, “Feminism is a movement to uplift women to same level as that of men” is sure to crop up.
And I’m very sure, the first question that’ll pop in your mind is, “Hey, isn’t feminism the same as equality, then? Then why is it called feminism? Why isn’t it called equality, instead?”
This is because, my dear reader, women haven’t reached the same level of equality as that of men. Which is why, it is called feminism.
When the movement kicked off in the 20th century, feminism seemed like the ultimate concept for female liberation — bra burning, not adhering to the standards mandated by the society… Ah, these rebellious ideas seemed so cool, so thrilling, eh?
But now-a-days, feminism isn’t about equality anymore.
It’s become this fashionable word that so many people wish to associate themselves with, just because they happen to be under the misguided notion that women are superior to men and also because they want to feel in…