The Hypocrites That Are "Feminists"

When you take the effort to Google the word feminism, the definition, “Feminism is a movement to uplift women to same level as that of men” is sure to crop up.

And I’m very sure, the first question that’ll pop in your mind is, “Hey, isn’t feminism the same as equality, then? Then why is it called feminism? Why isn’t it called equality, instead?”

This is because, my dear reader, women haven’t reached the same level of equality as that of men. Which is why, it is called feminism.

When the movement kicked off in the 20th century, feminism seemed like the ultimate concept for female liberation — bra burning, not adhering to the standards mandated by the society… Ah, these rebellious ideas seemed so cool, so thrilling, eh?

But now-a-days, feminism isn’t about equality anymore.

It’s become this fashionable word that so many people wish to associate themselves with, just because they happen to be under the misguided notion that women are superior to men and also because they want to feel intelligent and oh-so-evolved from the rest of the masses.

Do these “feminists” actually care about equality?

Nah, trivial matters like equality aren’t of importance when it comes to these extraordinarily mature feminists.

You know what matters to them?

Creating a huge fuss over incessant issues under the giant umbrella that is called feminism.

Case in point: Emma Watson’s posing for a magazine’s cover shoot, dressed "inappropriately” 

When Emma Watson posed for Vanity Fair, little did she know that she would receive severe backlash just because of what she wore!

Emma Watson, who strongly campaigned for the core essence of feminism (#HeForShe, remember?), was slammed by many for not being modestly dressed and being a hypocrite!

Isn’t the core of feminism about having the freedom to present yourself the way you want to be presented? Is it always mandatory that feminism has to be about not wearing bras and being frumpy all the time?

If these are the standards dictated by the so-called evolved “feminists”, what is even the difference between them and the conventional societal norms?


Another aspect I’ve observed in these self-proclaimed “feminists” is the fact that they expect their men to do everything for them, treat them specially.

I have literally heard some of these feminists say, “Oh, I am a feminist. I expect my husband to treat me well and to listen to everything I say.”

Did these brilliant feminists say, “I’d like to treat my husband as well as he treats me and listen to him the way he listens to me.”?

That would be a big fat N-O.

Oh, dear reader, when I heard those misandristic sentences from those evolved feminists, I literally stormed out of the room to control myself from lashing out.

Now, there would be someone  who’d say, “Oh, but women have worked so much for so many years. Don’t they deserve to rest and let the men care for them?”

My answer to that is another big fat N-O.


If women work for their livelihood and let men do the housework, then it would just kick off the same cycle in reverse.

Hundred-two hundred years down the line, a movement called meninism will kick off.
And this meninism is not the current bullshit misogynistic movement, but a movement that’s a replica of feminism, only with the aim to uplift the men to the same level as that of women.

So tell me, what difference would it make, really?

Instead of one gender taking the load off the other, wouldn’t it be more prudent that both the genders divide their work and duties equally, based on what each gender is good at and maintain an equilibrium?

For example, in a married couple where both the genders are working, they can distribute their workload at home equally (and based on what each gender is good at). And instead of one person looking after the other, both can look out for each other and treat each other as special.

I know it sounds rather idealistic but isn’t this method better than whining to create the same age-old cycle-for-gender-equality-stuggle all over again?


And last (but the most burning one, lately): double standards.

Now-a-days, a lot of “feminists” think it’s hunky dory for them to make the same mistakes as their male counterparts. And if their male counterparts do it, they’ll not act hunky dory.

Instead, all hell will break loose.

Like, the other day, one of my friends showed me an article regarding “I Cheated On My Husband and I’m Not Sorry” or something like that.

Now tell me, why are you not sorry for cheating on your husband? Why are you not sorry for breaking a bond that you (hopefully, if you are a sane human being) thought through at length? Why are you not sorry for putting your husband through hell after he spent so much time loving you?

Infidelity is a big, big mistake.

It doesn’t matter what your gender is.

If you’re a man who cheated on your wife, you have to be accountable for it. Same goes for a woman: if you’re a woman who cheated on your husband, you’re accountable for it.

I know, the society is harsher towards cheating wives than cheating husbands. But if you made a mistake, you are accountable for it, there are no in-betweens.


Ultimately, feminism is about the power of choice.

It isn’t a movement where women are considered better than men and are ‘pressured to do things which men only can do.”

It is a movement where every human being, regardless of what gender he/she belongs to, gets to have the right to choose to lead the life they want to lead.

If only these hypocritical self-proclaimed feminists, would realise that, then it would do a great service to the rest of the world and it would stop tainting the image of the whole feminism movement.

With this, I say goodbye, with hopes of a better gender-equality-positive world.

Stay awesome as ever,

Much love,

Archie <3


  1. Feminism was thought to be a rebellion,but gradually it fizzled out.Reasons:As u pointed out the snobbish promoters lost their direction & did not know what exactly they wanted;beat their husbands(who were really poor souls) whenever they could.But the problem basically is that men cannot be made to give birth to children.So nature has given a few different roles to man and woman,and many which are common.If man cannot understand this woman can make them understand this.One is a man and another is a woman and so the only way is to understand the limitations of each and live realistically.To think of one upmanship/womanship is the greatest folly one can commit as nature intends man and woman to live together as U rightly put it.The faminists may boycott you,but will come back for your support.Wait and see......


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