The Gigantic Terror Called Public Speaking

Today's one of those days,
When you've forgotten everything,
That you'd memorized all night long,
You're worried that everything would go wrong; 

Today's one of those days,
When you'd rather stay in a cage,
With a poisonous, ominous snake, 
Than stand in front of dozens on a stage;

Around you, are people lounging about,
As cool as cucumbers,
And here you are -
Crippled with fear, struggling to remember; 

A shaky breath you take,
Pursue your lips, toss you hair,
Trying so hard to fake,
That you're an undaunted winner;

But all that false bravado falls,
When you see the first contender,
Enters the podium,
Clears his throat and stands tall; 

And then anxiety slithers in back,
Like a poisonous python,
Wrapping around you,
Making your insides go slack;

You see the first contender talk,
With flamboyant gestures, incredible voice modulation;
Seeing the audience,
It's sure he's won the adulation; 

And then, here you are,
Still trying to calm down,
Your thoughts running like a wild horse,
Taking you away from reality far;

Suddenly, a clear piercing voice,
Shouts aloud your name;
It's time - you have no choice,
But to win this game;

Shaking fingers, thudding heart,
You step onto the dais,
Blink at the owl-like eyes staring at you;
Oh, you don't know where to start!

Then you close your eyes,
Let the fear sink in;
Then let it go,
And, without any rancor, begin;

As you continue to speak,
All your paranoia,
Of turning into a freak,
Slowly ebb away;

You care anymore not,
About rotting tomatoes pelted your way,
All that matters is,
With your soul, you say what you want to say;

Then, once you're done,
You give out your toothiest smile,
And feel much more happier,
Than you've been in a while;
Trust me, more than anything else,
That heady rush of satisfaction is really worthwhile!


Aloha there, dear reader!

Ol' Archie is back in town after a three month long hiatus!

The thing was, a lot of stuff came my way. From exams to courses, from college clubs to the new academic year's excitement, I was totally busy.

And of course, how can we forget the momentary attack of writer's block that I got again! 

So, I'm back now, sitting in front of my laptop and talking about one of the things I really enjoy doing (and at times find completely terrifying!) - public speaking! 

Yep, public speaking. Standing in front of a dozens of people and talking as if you own the room public speaking! 

I don't know why, but I've always had a love-hate relationship with it!

Whenever any opportunity for speaking in public comes up (like a debate or speech or just mere promotions for events in college), I am both excited and terrified.  

I'm excited because, "Hey, I'm going to push myself out of my comfort zone and do something that scares the living daylights out of me!"

But I'm scared because, "Oh shit, what if I do something really bad? What if I botch up?" 

However, all in all, I enjoy the whole process because it literally involves putting yourself out there and going, "Hey there! Here I am, displaying my flaws and beauty in its entirety! Judge me for all I care, but I'm not going to be daunted! I will say what I want to say." 

Of course, the jitters before you put that attitude on are horrible.

Ah well, it's worth it though. 

I think I'd better leave now, dear reader! 

There's a lot I need to catch up on!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Stay awesome as ever,

Much love,

Archie <3


  1. Nice Chitra. Enjoyed it. I guess all of us go through all those emotions when it comes to public speaking. We never get used to it.

  2. Nice Chitra. Enjoyed it. I guess all of us go through all those emotions when it comes to public speaking. We never get used to it.

  3. Well written, Chitra; feelings of butterflies in stomach is a very positive sign, as that shows your sincerity and commitment to do the best... have lots of fun!!

  4. Really well written CHITRA.Those who have been on to a platform facing an audience,many staring at you will really understand what is there. Straight from the mind/heart(?)and so lucid.Keep on writing and let others enjoy and on writing there is no problems of dry mouth shivering legs and the questions what is to be done with our hands! From what you wrote I am sure that you have already mastered the art of public speaking.narayanan

    1. Haha, I'm still a beginner, Mama!
      Thanks a lot! :D :D

  5. I remember being so so scared about having to speak in public. My legs wouldn't move. Well, the first time in school for me didn't go so great but when I was asked to speak again the following year, I must have done something right the last time, right? Anyways, I did end up winning this year and it helped in boosting my confidence a lot more when it came to talking in front of a crowd!
    Great post!

    -Kathie K
    Half A World Away

    1. I know! I totally agree!
      Public speaking (no matter how scary it really is) does teach you a lot to embrace yourself for who you truly are!
      It is really, really helpful!
      Thanks a lot, Kathie! <3


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