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Joys Of Life

For many,  Joy is fame - To be recognized,
To be considered worthy, not lame; 
For them, Joy is to be surrounded, By throngs of admirers, And to be a living legend; 
But for some, Joy is the family ,  who loves unconditionally,
And supports wholeheartedly;
For many, Joy is wealth, A means to endlessly flaunt, Their material laurels; 
For them, Joy is to display, How better are they, Than the rest of the world;
But for some, Joy is the emotion, Attached to simple things,  Gifted with loving intention;
For many, Joy is influential connections, A means to show, How powerful they really are;
For them,  Joy is the arrogance, That they can get anywhere, Without hard work, by simple means unfair;
But for some, Joy is in old friendship, Etched with loyalty and love, Tinged with fuzzy, warm nostalgia;
Nowadays, for many, Joy is a envy-worthy social media feed, Filled with an intent to brag, Not an intent to reminisce;
But for some, Joy is in the delightful memories,  Just important enough to be …

The Joy Of Being A Reader

"You really want to buy another one of those? Again?" My mother asks, her normally serene voice laced with a tinge of irritation. 
I nod eagerly, my face lighting up like a Christmas tree. My hands are tightly clutching the new bundle of joy, ready to be explored and (later) smelled. My mind's already wandering, imagining the exciting adventures I'll embark on with this. 
"You have too many books already, Ammu!" She snaps irritably, breaking me out of my reverie. "Plus, your cupboard is full already! You still haven't read those classics! Are you really, really keen on buying this?!"
She expects me to take a deep breath and place the book back on the store's shelf. She expects me to say, "Oh Mamma, you're right. You're absolutely right. How could I be so fiscally irresponsible? I promise that from now on, I'll be a perfect child and donate the rest of my collection to my various cousins scattered over the country."