Joys Of Life

For many, 
Joy is fame -
To be recognized,
To be considered worthy, not lame; 

For them,
Joy is to be surrounded,
By throngs of admirers,
And to be a living legend; 

But for some,
Joy is the family ,
 who loves unconditionally,
And supports wholeheartedly;

For many,
Joy is wealth,
A means to endlessly flaunt,
Their material laurels; 

For them,
Joy is to display,
How better are they,
Than the rest of the world;
But for some,
Joy is the emotion,
Attached to simple things, 
Gifted with loving intention;

For many,
Joy is influential connections,
A means to show,
How powerful they really are;

For them, 
Joy is the arrogance,
That they can get anywhere,
Without hard work, by simple means unfair;

But for some,
Joy is in old friendship,
Etched with loyalty and love,
Tinged with fuzzy, warm nostalgia;

Nowadays, for many,
Joy is a envy-worthy social media feed,
Filled with an intent to brag,
Not an intent to reminisce;

But for some,
Joy is in the delightful memories,
 Just important enough to be etched in one's own mind,
And not shouted aloud to the rest of the world;


And it's finally that time of the year again! 


In case you are familiar with me, you'd probably know how much I love Christmases! Not for the gifts and cakes I get, but the very fact that it's a celebration of joy and happiness!

Which is why, in this post, I wrote about joy and how many people define it. It's a (mostly) rhyme-less poem (if you could call it that, that is) and I thought what better day to write it than the day which literally asks for so much joy! 

What about you? 

What does joy mean to you?

Let me know in the comments below! 

(And completely ignore the fact that I sound like a kooky YouTuber in the last sentence!)

Merry Christmas, my dear reader!

Stay awesome as ever,

Much love,

Archie <3 


  1. It's nice. I just wanted to ask is this your regular format (middle alignment)?

    1. Hi, thanks a lot! :)
      No, I only use the middle alignment whenever I'm posting poetry!

  2. it was poetic enough without ryhmes

  3. Very nicely written.JK said " Where I am not happiness (joy) is"!If there's something when one forgets to be aware of his/her self there is joy.If can find joy in the joy of others, there's joy.That is why Keats said to the nightingale about being too happy in thine happiness.I find joy in the joy of others for whom I care as most of the time their sorrows are my sorrows.

    1. That's a lovely quote, Mama! I'll surely keep it in mind!
      Thank you so much, as always, for your lovely feedback! <3


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