The Joy Of Being A Reader

"You really want to buy another one of those? Again?" My mother asks, her normally serene voice laced with a tinge of irritation. 

I nod eagerly, my face lighting up like a Christmas tree. My hands are tightly clutching the new bundle of joy, ready to be explored and (later) smelled. My mind's already wandering, imagining the exciting adventures I'll embark on with this. 

"You have too many books already, Ammu!" She snaps irritably, breaking me out of my reverie. "Plus, your cupboard is full already! You still haven't read those classics! Are you really, really keen on buying this?!"

She expects me to take a deep breath and place the book back on the store's shelf. She expects me to say, "Oh Mamma, you're right. You're absolutely right. How could I be so fiscally irresponsible? I promise that from now on, I'll be a perfect child and donate the rest of my collection to my various cousins scattered over the country."

But unfortunately, I shall do no such thing. 

"But this is a masterpiece, Mamma!" I plead, not caring about the other disgruntled customers around. "I read all about it on Goodreads! It's a modern classic, Mamma! And I will not get it anywhere!"

"Oh goodness, all right!" She says exasperatedly. "Give me that book, I'll pay for it! But you'd better explain it to your grandmother why you need this!"


Luckily, my grandmother doesn't bug me much apart from the normal "Why do you want to spend so much on books?" and "You're a strange kid, there's something wrong with you!" 

But ah well, that's normal. 

Finally, I find myself lying on the couch, the new book in my hands.

How will you turn out, now? I think. Are you as amazing as your cover or are you just a fraud?

Then, I flip open the book and start. 

At first, it's a bit difficult to get into the funk. 

I'm still a bit aware of my surroundings - the sound of the T.V. blaring, my family pottering about and talking about all things in life. 

Moreover, the characters are new. I don't know them enough to judge if they're worth rooting for. 

But as I turn the pages, the outside world slowly recedes and I get lost in the magical ink world. 


It's late into the night. I'm lying on the couch and frantically turning the pages. My surroundings are completely blurred and all that matters to me is this book world.

I don't care about how late it is and I sure as hell don't care if anyone in my family is about to burst my bubble and order me to go back to sleep. 

I have to know what's going to happen in the end. 

I have to -


I jump up, let out a scream and find myself staring at a skinny old man, his grey hair disheveled and his eyes bleary. 



It looks like I won't be able to read any longer tonight.


Thankfully, by the next morning, I get to finish the entire book. 

Sure, my grandparents kept taunting me and speculating how I'll turn into a headcase with the lack of sleep. Sure, I have dark circles around my eyes. Sure, I  cannot concentrate on what's going on in class.

But none of that replace the immense satisfaction that I have, now that I read the book. 

In between classes, I've already ranted to a lot of people about how amazing the book is. Some listen to me in awe while the others roll their eyes, irritated by my maniacal passion for reading. 

Then, during my break, I go up to the library (because hey, the canteen is too mainstream!) - partly to meet up with friends and partly to search for interesting books. 

As I'm leafing through bookshelves, I see it. 

A new, shiny book - ready to lead me to my next adventure. 


Hi there!

This is a somewhat fictitious piece that pretty much summarizes my journey with each book I read.

In case you're a regular reader of my blog, you'd surely know how I really enjoy reading books! 

If you want to make me happy, just give me loads and loads of books! I'll sit there, happily reading and not giving a damn about the rest of the world. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this and do share any experiences of yours in the comments' section! 

My Bookshelf - circa 2013 

Stay awesome as ever,

Much love, 

Archie <3 


  1. Books are the database and databanks of information which leads to knowledge,which is not just information and by assimilating and analysing that we achieve wisdom which is above information or knowledge.So keep on reading assimilating and analysing and many doors will be opened to you.

  2. This is so relatable. It reminds me of when I was reading Harry Potter in high school. I used to read while walking from classroom to classroom, not noticing anything around me, one of my friends guiding me along. Being a reader is one of the best things in the world. Really, this post is beautiful.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. Oh my goodness! I thought I was the only one who'd walk and read at the same time! <3
      Reading is beautiful. The joy of reading is incomparable, tbh! Nothing can replace it! <3
      Thank you so much for your lovely feedback! <3


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